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  1. you ever think about an external LCD? i'm working on one for my DELL. Cheers, T.H. -dude, you modded a dell.
  2. i dunno what you're talking about but chances are that if they are laser bright LEDs then they are most likely 1.2-1.5 V
  3. cypher, you're a idiot! that's the same thing! E=V & I=A
  4. yeah but do you know what E=MCsquared means? ooo...ooo... i do! i do! it means Energy=Mass Content Squared i.e. energy = sheep of light
  5. just use: R=E/I -where "R" is the resistance needed, "E" is the voltage (12V), and "I" is the amperage.
  6. if you vote for lighting isnt the window a given?
  7. just go to your local hardware store. most sell lexan and plexi. i go to orchard supply.
  8. i'm thinkin' that they werent very bright because you had what i refer to as "filtered" LEDs. what you want is lazer-bright LEDs. these have no color to the plastic but rather it is the gas inside that emits the colored light. ah yes, ohm's law... very simple yet sooo satisfying.
  9. if you dont like decals and you want a custom plexi etching then this is what you do... first you cover your window in 3-4 layers of tape. then you draw what you want to be etched. after that, cut off the sections of tape where the etching will be done. now the fun begins! just sandblast the sucker. this will "frost"/etch the exposed areas. just be sure that the tape stays where you dont want it etched!
  10. okay, here's the deal. i was sitting around in my electronics class, bored as ever, when i decided to start a case mod. now granted i have never modded a case but i guess i had to start sooner or later. anywho, so i sketched my design onto the side of some old AT case that i found in "the cage". after i was done drawing it on i was positive i needed to do it so i asked my teacher if i could have the case to mod. he said yes with only one requirement: that i have to convert it from AT to ATX!!! now i've already dremeled the design but when i designed it i had the AT powersupply and general configuration in mind. so what i was wondering was if anyone had ever housed the powersupply seperately and had a cable running to the comp.? i dont have to worry about making the new back pannel due to my access to a CNC plasma cutter, he he heeee... pics of my case thus far:
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