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  1. a metal gutor guard? whats that? i have been looking for a metal screen of some sort to put there but i have found nothing
  2. what is the best type of paint to use, painting an aluminum case? and whats the best methos? Brush, Air, Spray?
  3. See i own this case and am currently in the process of modding it. Well behind the front panel (behind the usb and power buttons) there are four fans. There are slots in the front panel around the side as you can see and a hole for pulling the front panel off (if i new how to upload pix here i would) but anyways... the point is i need to open this front panel some more to increase the airflow through the front fans. i was thinking some kind of grill to fit vertically with usb and power buttons on either side but i have no clue what to do it with? or how to make it a little more then a big gapping hole or tacky drill holes. can anyone help out?
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