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    AMD 64 3000+ (939)
    MSI Neo2 Platinum
    1 Gb OCZ DDR 400
    ATi 9800 Pro
  1. Also, this has been stated before, if you are building a rig purely for gaming, then you need to be focused on the video card and not so much the processor.
  2. I just built a system for right at $850, runs HL2 at full graphics at 1280x960. All other games run at 1600x1200. AMD64 3000+ (939) MSI Neo2 Platinum 1 GB OCZ High Performance RAM ATi 9800 Pro (128 MB) then other various components including a Hard drive, and CD drivc....etc.
  3. ks752

    Dangerous Vcore?

    32C......that seems kinda low for air cooling.
  4. ks752

    New Comp

    $1000 is overkill then. A cheap P4 with HT, or something like a 2800+ XP would be plenty. Just make sure you have a decent board and some quality RAM, and you will be set. Then spend what's leftover on the biggest LCD monitor you can get....she will notice that WAY more than anything else.
  5. ks752

    Overclocking Memory

    google it. I have some suggestions but I am no expert.
  6. ks752

    Asus Vs. Giga-byte Vs. Msi

    My MSI Neo2 Platinum has been great...probably the best best board you can buy for a s939 cpu. However, I have no experience PCI-e, but I would think the MSI board is soild.
  7. ks752

    Case Fan Or Fan Case

    Those things probably have AT LEAST 100 cfm......lol
  8. ks752

    Slow, Agonizing Death.

    You could run AC current through the mobo....
  9. ks752

    Really Cheap Heatsink

    I doubt that does much better than stock.
  10. ks752

    Laptop Ideas

    My Dell lappy cost me a whole $700 and it gets the job done.
  11. My AMD64 3000+ hits 50 C on the stock cooler at load....so...you might be reading slightly low.
  12. ks752

    New Computer

    My grandmother uses a cheapo E-Machines computer for getting on the internet and checking her email. It was under $400, and does fine.
  13. ks752

    Desktop Or Notebook?

    Depends if you are planning to go between home and college often. Personally, I have a nice desktop for home use and I bring a bottom of the line notebook to school for Matlab and other stuff.
  14. ks752

    Your Favorite Songs

    Black Friday Rule - Flogging Molly
  15. ks752

    Screwing Around With Telemarketers

    I just answer with the speaker phone and let them listen to music, or me playing CS for a while.