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  1. bigdaddy25fb

    Overclocking 1090T to 4.4GHz or higher?

    GPU's tend to run quite a bit hotter than CPU's...how is that even a comparison. Apples to oranges?
  2. bigdaddy25fb

    Help me get my head around this?

    They have some excellent power supplies (corsair). I tend to do my upgrades beginning with the things supply juice to the rest of my expensive and sensitive components..first.
  3. bigdaddy25fb

    linux for old p4 dell

    In an edit to the first post he stated he added roughly a gig or ram. Regardless still a good suggestion, but ubuntu tends to work out of the box with minimal fuss, especially on such old and mature hardware.
  4. bigdaddy25fb

    linux for old p4 dell

    What exactly wasn't working right that required a reinstall? Ubuntu is relatively pain free to run, even on older hardware. You are going to have to reformat it seems if it won't allow an install, or your install media is scratched or corrupted. I'd suggest reburning and verifying, even reburn at a much slower speed. I'm still interested to know what exactly wasn't working right.
  5. bigdaddy25fb

    Gentoo startx goes makes monitor shut off

    Would you mind posting the model for that tablet?
  6. bigdaddy25fb

    What would cause this?

    Insert obligatory post here about why Thermaltake products should be avoided at all costs.
  7. bigdaddy25fb

    Help me get my head around this?

    Might wanna save some money and get a better PSU. I did some looking around and JonnyGuru TT850 reivew seems its not too good with high loads on the 12v side of things. Personally I've never thought TT to be the greatest manufacturer (minus a few cases...), something from corsair or seasonic gold series would be a good bet. I personally own this Seasonic X750 Gold psu and it has a great review here.
  8. bigdaddy25fb

    Overclocking 1090T to 4.4GHz or higher?

    It's all in the luck of the draw. Maybe you need to look into cherry picking some chips, eh?
  9. bigdaddy25fb

    New Build for Christmas Present

    If you're students (or know someone with a .edu address) you can cut that windows 7 expense down quite a bit with a $29.99 upgrade to 7. win741.com
  10. bigdaddy25fb

    weird question?

    You'll probably want to google to be sure, but I believe the newest Nvidia drivers prevent you from using a Physx card (nvidia GPU or otherwise) with an ATI gfx card.
  11. bigdaddy25fb

    OS X and NTFS

    MacFUSE. Use it all the time. Has support for TONS of other partitions than just NTFS...ext2/3..many more. Google it.
  12. bigdaddy25fb

    Question About Ms Vista Dvd

    My disc says 64bit on it...I'd say someone goofed on you. I have the Ultimate edition of Vista with the 32bit and 64bit DVD's. I also have the server 2008 install discs and they too differentiate between x86 or x64
  13. bigdaddy25fb

    The Official 'i Just Bought...' Thread

    Pearl Bracelet from Tiffany's for the lady 50" samsung lcd for myself
  14. bigdaddy25fb

    How Many Network Camera's Can I Run Off A Switch

    You're not going to hurt anything by doing 1 frame every 5 seconds. You could save on bandwidth and space if you opted for software that records only when motion is detected. We have around 400 cameras or so in the corp. that I work in (over coax though) and the few that are on IP are rarely activated. POE is highly dependent on length of run and the quality of the cable used etc. etc. If it was sunk into a conduit in the ground and it was the only line running through said conduit there shouldn't be any reason 'why' it wouldn't want to do that run...
  15. bigdaddy25fb

    Is This Cool?

    You'll get the best possible results with a sanding block and some water. Wet sanding will help that mirror finish out. If you really want to squeeze that extra .5 - 1 * C out of it that is...