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  1. DarkEcho


    TerminatorX 3.81 for Linux terminatorX is a realtime audio synthesizer that allows you to "scratch" on digitally sampled audio data (*.wav, *.au, *.mp3, etc.) to sound like a hip-hop DJ's on vinyl records. 2D-Scratching: terminatorX now comes with a resonating lowpass filter, where the cutoff frequency can be modified in realtime while scratching. http://www.mp3machine.com/software/terminatorX/ What i was wondering is there a program like this for windows XP? If you cant help me with the question then enjoy this cool program.
  2. Just wondering how many of you Play on the PS Emerald Server, I use to play planetside way before core combat and BFRs came out but now im back in to it. Emerald [east] TR - Darkechojump
  3. I vote "Yes and I have a GF". My GirlFriend loves Games and computers Just Like i do , We love each other very much, as long as we are together we will always be Happy
  4. DarkEcho


    I have had seti for a long time before i joined OCC and my question is do i hve to start over with a new seti acount to get an Alien head. I have 348hrs and 48 min, 36 data units worth on my seti acount
  5. Tag: Darkdragon118 Games: Halo 2 and other xbox live games
  6. Ya i did that already and the IP matches
  7. Can some one help me me host a CS:S game. I have a home network that uses a Linksys router. I can connect to other games and steam just fine but when i go to host the game no one else can join my game. I think i have all the ports forwarded correct and im useing the fire wall thats part of XP SPII.
  8. I have 2x 256 Twinx CMX256A-3200C2PT Ram in my computer, and only 3 Ram slots I
  9. You scored as alternative. You're partially respected for being an individual in a conformist world yet others take you as a radical. You have no place in society because you choose not to belong there - you're the luckiest of them all, even if your parents are completely ashamed of you. Just don't take drugs ok? alternative 58% Middle Class 50% Lower Class 33% Upper middle Class 33% Luxurious Upper Class 29%
  10. Dameon, Stan -south park DIB, TAK -Inzader Zim Ren and Stimpy Harvey birdman -Harvey birdman Attorney At Law
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