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    Prescott And Northwood?

    Dont count on it.... 478 has been around a while compared to some of the other chipcores. Im sure you will still be able to buy 478 chips and boards... But you can forget about intel developing anything new with that chip
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    Christmas Present

    a box of trojans.... that way, you both win! <_< <_<
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    Damage Plan Shooting

    If no ones heard, "Dime Bag Darrel", lead gutiarest of Damageplan and Pantera (before they broke up) was shot and killed at a show in Columbus OH. Very said, i cant imagine what his brother feels like.... This is why, law abiding citizans should have the right to bare arms in public places (talking about conseal carry here). Maybe the suspect would have thought twice before following thru with this. RIP Dime, we'll miss ya Linkage Linkage
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    Damage Plan Shooting

    i was reffering to myself as the one jacking it.... BTW i found out OH does have conceal carry. But, firearms are banned from establishments that sell liqour. If you think everyone having Guns would lead to more shootings your wrong Heres the results of a study done on crime After that state passed the use of Conceal Carry permits. The permits started to issue in 1995 1. Murder rates decreased overall after 1995. However, there was a marked increase in the murder rates committed by males in the 10-24 age group, probably due to gang violence. 2. Assault rates decreased at an accelerated rate. 3. Rape rates do not appear to be affected by the law. 4. Robbery rates decreased at a greater rate. 5. Crimes against property involving stealth (burglary, larceny, auto theft) did not increase as predicted and do not seem to be affected by the law. 6. The unintentional firearm injury rates decreased despite a 17-fold increase in permit holders, which indicates that responsible individuals carry guns. 7. Assaults and weapons possession in elementary schools show that these schools may be developing into a more hostile environment, while secondary schools do not appear to have changed. 8. Permit revocation reasons shows that permit holders do not use their firearms to commit crime.
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    Damage Plan Shooting

    Im not saying that half the ppl in joint should be armed. I am simply saying that we live in a scoiety were most ppl think they can get away with anything. If either the security were armed, or Ohio as a state had Conceal carry (maybe they do, not sure) as a legal option, the suspect may have been in a mindset of thinking twice knowing that he might not even get to squeeze the first shot off. It is indeed a free country, everyone is intitled to there rights. Im sorry i posted my opinion, i didnt want this thread to get jacked
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    Choosing A New Motherboard

    Ditto i bought one last month, smartest buying decision ive ever made
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    Yes Yes Oh Yes

    You FBIs stay out of Wi
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    What do you mean non-ultra 6800 Gt. There is no way that Card is going to drop from 296 manufacture cost to 180 retail. The brand i am currently speaking of is BFG, i know its different per manufacture, but still, thats a aweful big drop.
  9. Well, i will not going to be convinced that these Prescotts Run hot until my own starts to do so. I havent had my 530 over 50* C running Prime 95 over clock slightly (3.23). I am using the stock heatsink with the stock termal pad attached. I bought a jungle heatsink when i ordered the processor and havent even bothered putting it on. This chip only runs 6-8*c hotter then my 2.4B northwood. And considering the northwood is a physically larger ship, this is about what i would expect. I am working on a full ducting mod were the heat sink will be forced air by a 120mm fan located on the outside of the case. No point to it really, just something to do. BTW... i am using a average of the Bios temp and the MOBO utility to get these numbers
  10. TrendKilleR

    X Connecy Psus

    X Connect Anyone heard anything about these, i like the modular design, but is it all looks? How would you compare it to sat this antec Antec Advice and opinions would be great thanks,
  11. TrendKilleR

    X Connecy Psus

    thanks for the info so far.... What can i say, im a n00b. Looks like i am going with the antec