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    Athlon 1.2 at 1.2
    512 pc 2100
    Gigabyte GA-7VTX
    16x Liteon DVD
    32X Samsung Cd-r
    To many fans
    Generic case that was free.
    4.1 Altec surround
    onboard Creative soundblaster
    Mac LCII like 50 watt PS
    Generic 300 Watt PS (came with the case)
    Maxtor Mass Expansion card
    3d Banshee
    Geforce 2 mx400
    2 40 gig 7200 rpm maxtor's
    20 gig 7200 rpm maxtor
    Volcano 7
    3com 10/100/1000 nic.
    17 envision
    15 inch GW2k Ev500

    17" Flat CRT Viewsonic x2
    Athlon XP 1800+
    512 PC2700
    2 40 gig 7200 rpm Maxtors
    Gigabyte GA-7VRXP
    3com 10/100/1000
    Panasonic trayless 16x DVD
    32x Samsung CD-R
    MSI Geforce 4 4400
  1. I recently got an ATI all wonder 128 pro, its older but i just want to use it for TV nothing extensive. The setup its currently in is this: 1.53 xp, Geforce 4 4400 and the ATI all in wonder pro 128. I have 3 monitors setup right now one to the ATI and the other 2 to my 4400. i can get everything to work with the ATI Except the TV, its hooked up Coax. im running windows XP also, if anyone has any ideas on something i could try to get it to work that would be awsome.
  2. d3 the only thing i have to warn you about that is to watch your toes if your putting your comp on the floor... i dont know if you saw it a while ago but i have the "AMD air" case (19 fans now) but i have a 120mm on the front like how you did yours and well make sure you put a grate over it if its going anywhere near your feet! i have a scar from pushing my chair back and having my toe slip into it and well. GRIND CHOP SLICE OWW! just a word of warning, looking good so far!
  3. alright just to tell you i didnt read all the other posts, just the first one and a few others. I do beleive its all in your head, unless youve been doing it for a long time! Ive been popping my joints for a very long time, its a good "party trick" because i can pop almost every joint in my body including ones that arent joints, i can pop my nose and not the fake way. i just rub the softer cartalage against the harder cart. and makes a faily noisy pop, and other unmentionable parts of my anotomy (although that one hurts a little), i can crack like the middle of my feet and hands where all the grouped bones are. I have not been able to stop because, like most people go through its muscle memory now to pop my knuckles and my neck. the only thing i can say to get you to stop is to make sure you know what your hands are doing all the time and keep enough control over them not to pop them and dont twist your neck to the side!
  4. Are they going to stay socket A or are they going to create a whole new socket for it like intel did with the p4? and will most motherboards that support the XP chips right now still support the 2400 and 2600 or higher? and when the heck do they come out to the general public people like me who just love the extra speed?
  5. I have an xp 1800+ and im not that impressed about it, ive come from a geforce 2 200 so i beleive i should see a huge difference and im not seeing very much my geforce 2 was also a 1.2 althon not an xp 1800. so ultimatly i was wondering if anyone has any tweak ideas to optimise my Geforce 4 a little bit more! (i have updated to the latest drivers already and noticed a little difference but not much)
  6. what are the differences? if you increase the fsb what does decreasing the multiplyer do for you? when cpu is unlocked what does it allow you to do? if someone could explain what unlocking your cpu does and what advantages does it allow you over just upping your fsb?
  7. Pepsi Blue - well go to your local 7-11 buy a raspberry slurpy and let it melt, they taste the same and refils are cheaper. Vanilla Coke - Good because for some odd reason regular coke hurts my teeth and vanilla doesnt seem to so i like it. Red Fusion - to afraid to try, i was never really a fan of Dr. Pepper Bawls - Got em and thank GOD! the second best drink ever invented! (sorry to me nothing beats a cold Mtn. Dew from a glass Bottle! plastic bottles taste like crap, anyone else ran into that?)
  8. MSLINUX funny but sorta confusing!
  9. is there anywhere you can find out where computer expos are like the ones you talk of? i live in a little po dunk town that doesnt even want to let computers into their lives!
  10. its kinda along those same lines but not even related to computers! I have a friend who cooks burritos on his VW bug engine... you make some burritos wrap them in foil slap em on top of one side of the engine and drive a few miles.... peel em open and your good to go, weve also had the idea of replacing the oil in the oil filled air filter and replacing it with canola oil and making donuts while we drive!
  11. We need a thin rubber coating over all corners and edges of computer Cases so that when you stick you hand in and yank on a molex you dont slip and need 4 stitches!!!! boy would that be a nice thing to have!!! P.s. Use superglue works like a charm and eliminates stitches and emergency rooms, and it doesnt burn!!!
  12. well darn... i just got done buying the stuff... i started researching on my own did a little research from what i already know and i decided to go with a Gigabyte, since i already have one and am more then pleased with it.... so i just purchased the GA-7VRXP, i also bought an 11 bay case, MSI Geforce 4 4400 VTP, a 16x pioneer slot DVD and an XP 1800... i already have 512 of 2100 so i didnt need ram...
  13. do you guys know much about the Abit AT7, its the one with 4 raids? thats one of the ones im looking at!
  14. okay heres what im dealing with. I got paid finally and im upgrading my comp, im going to do at least an xp 1800 i know that, but i need a fairly inexpencive MB prefferably with RAID but it also has to be a good one and one that has plenty of space between heatsink and cap's (so my vocano 7 will fit), what would be good? second i need a vid card, i always run dual monitor but 200$ is the max i will go and i HATE ATI!? third, is ram backwards compatable, can i use 2100 in a MB that goes up to 3200 or 3500?
  15. well im not quite sure why its sitting at 51* because i used to have a coolermaster cheapo heatsink and that kept it at about 52*C and never higher... but the sys temp was always about 48 to 49* C also. so when i went to the Volcano 7 i had to bend a Capacitor to fit it so it doesnt fit quite right and that capacitor broke and one of the pins doesnt make as solid of a connection anymore, but i think it cause the heatsink doesnt sit right or im not getting an acurate reading from my MB because the fan on my volcano has been sitting at about 2800rpms so... but yeah its a waste, im just preparing it for next wednesday i havent had the money to upgrade my cpu but im getting a 2200 next wed and this 1.2 goes to my moms comp which means i get to fry her 1ghz!!!! so im going to OC the hell out of it!
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