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  1. Just bought a new G3258 and am trying to overclock it. The problem is that when I set the Vcore in the BIOS the number on HWmonitor and CPU-Z is different. Leaving everything at stock the Vcore fluctuates around .864V. I know it's supposed to be 1-1.1V so I found this odd. The number stays the same even during stress tests. I went it to the BIOS and manually set the Vcore to 1.3V with a 4Ghz oc (still testing stability). Now it's fluctuating around .960V (yes even during stress tests). Also note that I needed 1.3V just to get to 4.1Ghz, and that was unstable. --- Any ideas? I was using windows 10 then went back to 7. Same issue. Motherboard is an AsRock Z97 Extreme 3 on the latest BIOS.CPU cooler is a Noctua NH-D15. PSU is a XFX PRO 550W.
  2. Seems nice for the price: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/toshiba-c55d-b5102-laptop-internet-security-software-screen-cleaner-sleeve-flash-drive-package/9999243100050000.p?id=pcmprd241700050000&skuId=9999243100050000
  3. Yes I did. Unfortunately I flashed it incorrectly and hosed my BIOS. I had to install a new BIOS chip.
  4. I bought it from the seller BIOS Depot on ebay. --- Shipping was almost 2 weeks late but unfortunately he was the only US based seller lol.
  5. Hi everyone, good news!!! My motherboard BIOS chip came in last week and since the new chip all my problems have been solved! The NH-D15 is a fantastic cooler and I can't thank OCC enough for it Finals are coming up soon so I don't have a lot of free time on my hands but I will try to post pics later. Thanks all for helping me out, really appreciate it.
  6. I see. Well I guess I have to breadboard again to make it work. I can follow the 12V and 5V instructions , but which pins do I need to check on the SATA cable exactly?
  7. Would it be safe to do this if I just plugged in the PSU and didn't connect it to the motherboard? I currently have everything disassembled.
  8. Well before I order the BIOS chip, I thought of an idea and I'm not sure if this could be true or not. When my system was working it would boot to windows, but when I tried opening an application such as google chrome, or running a game, it would crash shortly after. Could this be due to a bad PSU? What if my system is crashing when I try to update the BIOS because of a bad PSU? Is that a possibility?
  9. Yes I'm sure. I've tried it with two different USBs, both very reliable, and the same problem happened with each of them. Both were formatted to FAT32. So buying a new BIOS chip would fix my problem?
  10. I've tried that before, no luck. Pulled the battery and let it sit dead for 20 mins. When I cleared the jumpers I waited for 30 seconds. Also tried the usb in all ports of the motherboard with the same result every time. This is what happens when I try to boot the system: Fans spin, usb light flickers. Then a few seconds later the fans start to spin at higher speeds and the usb light stops flickering. I noticed this happens no matter which Bios version I use. While this is happening I have no display. Otherwise when the usb is not in the system it boots to the recovery screen. I'm hesitant about buying an optical drive because after I would try and use it for recovery, I would have no use for it. I'm afraid it will be fifteen dollars gone to waste. If it's the same file being used in the end why would it work on a DVD and not a usb? I've spent about three days and countless hours trying to fix this problem. I'm now thinking of just selling the new cooler I won to pay for a new motherboard... I appreciate your answers but I honestly believe I have bricked my motherboard.
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    Just finished Anohana.... so sad :'( I guess I can watch my movie now...
  12. I don't have an optical drive... at this point I honestly think it might just be dead I mean why wouldn't the USB work?
  13. Did the exact steps to clear CMOS and loaded the files to the USB. Same problem. When the USB isn't in the computer it boots to the warning message. When I put the USB in the computer it has no post and after about eight seconds the fan speeds start to rev up. Thanks for the help so far, appreciate it.
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