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  1. actually, if you got any retail stores near where you live such as compusa, i'd check those out first because they have BBA X800XLs for 300 dollars. The E-Tailers are jacking up the price from the MSRP
  2. ATI enforces strict quality standards so pretty much anything with an ATI chipset is going to be a quality product. nVidia isn't as strict but if you do buy off the good brands such as eVGA, you also get a quality product.
  3. if you put a high CFM fan blowing onto components, you will definately break sometrhing. put that delta as an exhaust. i wouldn't put anything over 140 CFM blowing into the system
  4. what stepping? i'd go for an XP-90 for that sucka. XP-120 hurt like hell for my hands to put on the clips. i cut myself twice on the fins
  5. is an X800XL better then an OCed 6800GT though? that's the real question. i wonder how far are X800XLs can OC?
  6. i think in january is when ATi is releasing all of their cards. considering a X800XT PE that's phase change cooled and OCed beat 6800Ultra SLi, i'd like to see how far people take this chip. it's built on 110 micron technology instead of 130. i've heard the fan sounds like a jet plane tho
  7. pretty sure it works the same as long as you are flashing to the same BIOS
  8. well, i once paid for like 70 dollars worth of stuff in 1 dollar bills. then again, i was 11.
  9. antec. much more reliable brand. i wouldn't ever touch a powmax unit
  10. can anybody recommend a good 6800GT overclocking BIOS?
  11. that's why i said i would understand for a case fan because it is outside sometimes. now, when you are talking about CPU fans, why are you working inside a live comp to begin with???
  12. you should be able to find everything you need on ASUS's website
  13. why the hell do people with fans that powerful stick their hands in them??? like i guess i could understand for case fans but how a CPU fan?
  14. 48Load on a prescott is very good. mine goes to about 63 load on stock cooling
  15. i know but what is the depth of the front fan? i'm concerned that it might be 25mm depth and not 38
  16. i have the same case as well. do you know what dimensions the front fan is? i'm thinking of getting 2 M1A panaflos to replace the case fans.
  17. as far as i know, you don't need a boot disk to format it or anything since you can do it in windows setup or drive manager. i bought mine OEM and installed it without a hitch (except for the 2 busted HDDs WD sent me as RMAs for a busted HDD)
  18. i wouldn't go over 1.52 on air cooling
  19. that's why they make 60GB photo ipods
  20. i think dangerden lets you custom make kits and those will perform betetr then any premade kit. you may want to ask another forum member to help you pick out parts.
  21. you needed the CD awhile ago. after the new steam update, it seems that it just moved all people who had retail to a bronze account as it says that i have bought HL2 package on steam now when before it would list a price.
  22. i'm using Corsair Value Select and so far, i can do 226FSB 1:1 without any changes to voltages and at 2.5-4-4-8 timings. i haven't tried pushing it farther yet but i think it's pretty nice for value ram.
  23. OCZ modstream has a blue LED and gives more juice for the 12V rail. it has 28A whereas the trueblue only has 22. OCZ modstream is also modular (which i like)
  24. hey guys guess what? retail owners don't need to have CD to play anymore. i guess valve just decided to grant everybody who owns retail a bronze subscription. mine came with gordon on it cuz that's all gamestop had.
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