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    Newegg has a 24 hr special on a Sapphire 5870 for $389 & free shipping.
  2. According to this review. It's to monitor the 135mm fan
  3. Wow that's nasty just plain nasty The heat-sink looks like it was used as a cheese press it's so clogged. Oh and the webbing gives it an artistic touch. Some people
  4. Thanks that's a great deal. Went for the 3 year plan :thumbs-up:
  5. You can try this place. Advanced Lamps I bought one from them for my JVC DLP for $89.00. JVC wanted $199.99. It worked fine but didn't last as long as the OEM lamp. 3 year life with OEM lamp & 2 years with the Advanced lamp.
  6. Try: To Automatically Login: Press the Windows + R keyboard shortcut. Then enter control userpasswords2 in Run dialog box and hit enter. Under User Accounts dialog box, uncheck the box named Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer Click Apply button to see the Automatically Log On dialog box. If you have a password for your user account, enter the password and click ok. If you don
  7. RIP Verran. My condolences to his family
  8. It ends on Sunday. Probably Slow due to the amount of traffic the site is getting.
  9. Wow It's really sloooow But I did see they have a Western Digital Caviar Black 640GB Hard Drive for $49.99
  10. positive for rourkchris Purchased from twice now and both times was very professional. Items were packaged & shipped promptly. He also checks to see if packages are on schedule & notified me when one was delayed by a day. Now Thats customer service.
  11. Here is a list of some free media center software. Freevo - http://freevo.sourceforge.net/ (has dvb/tuner cards support) GB-PVR - http://www.gbpvr.com/ (has limited dvb/tuner cards support) MeediOS - http://www.meedios.com/ (has dvb/tuner cards support) MediaPortal - http://www.team-mediaportal.com/ (has dvb/tuner cards support) moovida - http://www.moovida.com/ XBMC - http://xbmc.org/ Not sure if this is what your looking for
  12. Artic Cooling offers an aftermarket cooler but not sure on the performance <_<
  13. Msdr250

    Gaming Problems

    Are you using Xfire ? I was getting the same prob When Xfire was running Tried the 9.7's So far so good
  14. Your case has basically the same dimensions as my htpc case. I found that the ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 7 Pro fits & works wonders in mine. hope this helps
  15. Hey King Buying it to start folding again :thumbs-up:
  16. It's getting to the point of teachers being armed guards
  17. I live pretty close to NIU & from what I hear is that he used a auto shotgun and a pistol. Most of the people suffer from head wounds & in December there was a note found in one of the bathrooms saying a shooting like this will take place.
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    Not sure if you looked at MediaPortal It's free & looks like you can create playlists and very customizable. Another one to look at is SageTv It has a 30 day free trial they both are very customizable to your taste. Hope this helps
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