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  1. you're almost right about psu and cooler,but let me say : i am looking from another aspect, in my country iran hardware is very expensive ! and a person who wants assemble a good rig, have to keep an eye on future also ( i don't know what you guys say this ), i mean for example, i cannot sell this rig maybe 2-3 years later and buy a whole new system ! because of extremely high costs ! and i have to assemble a sort of rig which could support me at least for 5 years ! so i chose a 1000w PSU because i want to close the PSU case and being relax ! (you know, maybe sometime 750w reach it's limit and couldn't spport !).and a better cooler, is it bad if CPU works in a better condition ?! for it's lifespan ? i believe it's better to be onstep forward.it's why i decided to change PSU and cooler. and also ! let me say, i have used your advices so much ! buying a better PSU and cooler is just my opinion. thanks again.
  2. Nooooo, which one have i ignored? I want to have a better cooling system. And a pair of 970. And also upgrading my750w psu to a 1000w platinum. Which one is bad ? And would you please tell me, how many voltages a 970 need at max overclocking and max load?
  3. firstly i should appreciate you guys for answering all my questions patiently. secondly, i decided to change my PSU from Green 750w OC to Enermax Platimax 1000W Platinium. and changing cooler from Deep Cool Ice Matrix 400 to a mid range water cooler, Enermax Liqtech 120X-HP for a better and cooler CPU system.it can be helpful i think. the last thing is VGA, i like to have a pair of 970 instead of one 980. as i calculated according to TechPowerUp 980 & 970 SLI reviews, a pair of 970 will have average 35 fps more than a 980 in 17 games ! i want to know, in worst case, if BottleNeck happend, how many percents of performance will i lose proximately ? how many fps will i lose proximately ? for example from 35 fps , how many will lost ? Thanks Again
  4. thanks a millllliiiiiooooon guys ! i gave my answer ! i will get a pair of 970 and a new cooler. power will be enermax platimax 1000w platinium.
  5. thank you guys. i sold the 780. u mean can i run 970 SLI without need to OC my CPU and changing my cooler to a water one ? and can i use VGA at full performance ?
  6. hello all,please help me guys. my system: i had sold my GTX 780 and decided to buy Asus GTX 970 STRIX x 2 for 2 way SLI. but recently i found out that using SLI have many limits such as buying a better power and also a better cpu cooler ( water cooler ) due to an issue known as BottleNeck ! my friend told me if you want to get 100% performance from 2 cards you have to OC your cpu up to 4.5GHz and cool it by a better cooler. as i am not into OC and as i know, overclocking a hardware for long time use will definitely decrease it's life time ! i can't convince my self that using at 3.5 GHz vs 4.5GHz will have same results in CPU life time and it's stress ! would they be same ? i don't think so really by this, i think SLI will be hard and annoying for me ! now, i made another decision and want to ask you to help me between these: 1: buy 970 x 2 ,,, a new power ,,, water cooler ( my cooler is Deep Cool ice matrix 400 ) at a really higher price in compare to #2 2: buy a gtx 980 and nothing more. with almost half price of #1 as i calculate, 980 gives average 15 fps more than 970. and 970 x 2 give average 35 fps more than 980. both have calculated in 17 games at 1920 * 1080. i really have been confused ! please help me... thanks again.
  7. no, i mean should i set x.m.p and leave other settings auto ? or chose manually and set frequency 2400 and main timings at : 10 - 12 - 12 - 31 based on my ram kit. ?
  8. hello, thanks for your suggestions. i made my decision to leave it more relaxed by setting it on x.m.p. but my x.m.p is a kind of weird ! it has 2 profiles,#1 at 2401mhz, and #2 at 2399Mhz to my knowledge is should have 2133 also instead of 2399 ?! if not, which one should i pick ?! and if i set x.m.p, will it be enough ? thanks again...
  9. thanks a lot my friend, no i know how to set x.m.p and i had x.m.p until my friend told me his settings are better both for ram and performance ( for ram, i mean a lower pressure to ram !!! ) does it make sense that rams on auto values work with more pressure than manually timings ?! as my friend said !!!! and my main question is: i am NOT into overclocking, i just want to have enough performance in games ! do this new settings ( my friend ones ) have immense difference in compare to default x.m.p ? and which one do you suggest for a person like me and for a lower pressure on ram and entire system ? and also this is my ram stability test under 2400mhz and manually settings as i said: thanks in advance...
  10. hello guys, almost i don't know anything about overclocking and manual settings. this is my system : and about my RAM, according to below picture when i test my ram with cpu-z and aida64, one of my friends who is really into overclocking...told me that these benchmarks and my settings aren't optimum for 2400 Mhz frequency and they are low. he said i should change timings for better and optimum settings. http://cld.persiangig.com/preview/8CiHTYw6v5/aaa.jpg he told me auto setting aren't so good and these settings are better both for ram and performance: DRAM frequency: 2400Mhz voltage: 1.65 Timings: 10 12 12 31 DRAM command rate : 2 -> 1 DRAM ref cycle time : auto -> 200 DRAM refresh interval : auto -> 65535 and in third timings: tRDRD: auto -> 4 tRDRD_dr: auto -> 5 tRDRD_dd: auto -> 5 tWRWR: auto -> 4 tWRWR_dr: auto -> 5 tWRWR_dd: auto -> 5 +++++++++++++++++++++ and the results shows really better performance: http://cld.persiangig.com/preview/aPQs1u2kQA/AIDA64.jpg +++++++++++++++++++++ and my questions: 1: have i done an Overclocking to my RAM by these settings ? or just changed the settings to a better and optimum settings ? ( you know, i am really sensitive about my hardwares, i mean i don't want to have them under pressure ! ) 2: can i use this settings 24/7 ? ( 24 hours at 7 days ) without any extra pressure ? 3: do these changes take RAM under extra pressure ? ############ thanks before hand...
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