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  1. current board EVGA nForce 780i SLI(132-CK-NF78-A1) i like that the xpower board has support for the latest technologies such as sata 3 and usb 3
  2. i know you can set it up so that your system will use a 2nd nvidia card to do physx, but can you also set it up to gain cuda features like faster video processing in dvd fab?
  3. is it possible to clone a windows install off of a 500gb(only 20gbs is used) hd on to an 80gb ssd, friend got a new laptop and wants to change his boot drive to an ssd but has no install disc, so wants to know if its possible and if so how to do it.
  4. hmmm try a diff power supply, if monitor and vid card both work on diff comes, i have to assume power supply has some kinda defect $38 for 700w seems a lil too good to be true.
  5. if both cards show no video, is the monitor bad, have your check to see if it has a source button to make sure its on right input?
  6. i had an issue like this that was fixed by uninstalling the drivers and the microsoft visual c++ 2005 that came with the graphics drivers some how it got mess up when i was changing drivers and i got artifacts in 3dmark vantage and most games.
  7. is they any way in vista to make a short cut to a .exe also input a keycombo when launced, i have a ati card and don't wanna have to make a profile for every game i play when several use same settings, also don't want to have to manualy change settings
  8. its same psu i used to us on another system with no squel, this system has always done it since back when it was main rig i just figured was the old 7200.7 drive thats since been rule out.
  9. there is a high pitched noise coming from my htpc, i have tried it with diff cpu fans, no hdd, no ram, and it still makes a high pitch squelling sound, though it does do it more and louder on ram use? what could it be mobo is m2n-e
  10. so did the newest firmware fix the issue with them freezing/dying?
  11. mouse is a RAZER Lachesis, keyboard is RAZER Tarantula, i have no decided on usb hub yet any good ones you can suggest for under $50?
  12. will there be any noticable side effects from hooking my mouse and key board up to a powered usb hub?
  13. thing was it was stable with every test i ran for a few days at 3.6 but then i decided to organize move some files around and thats when i discovered it crashed
  14. failed really fast on next try with 1.5v sb 1.4 fsb, ram linked/synched
  15. competed with out crashing gonna run it a few more times then try to tweak mem timings down. do you think i will have to test a hard drive transfer every time i change timings if i leave clocks the same or will i be fine just doing occt?
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