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    DFI LanpartyUT nF4 Sli-DR Expert
    AMD Opteron 148 CABNE 0528
    2x 512mb G. Skill Extreme PC4800
    BFG 7800GT w/ NV Silencer 5 Rev. 3
    2x WD Raptor 74gb Raid 0
    HP DVD-RW 640i
    Silverstone Strider 600 Power Suppply
    Antec P180 modded w/ Window
    Swiftech MCX159-CU Chipset Heatsink

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    chicago IL
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    Computers, network engineering, games, cisco, the ladies,
  1. most power supplies will work, only problem i have seen is the Seasonic 600, i mean it still fit, but it was close. I believe you will be fine
  2. nope, very easy to switch...if i had not switched it, i wouldnt have had enough room. If i could change it i would have put a 15mm thick fan down there instead of the 35mm.....Remember this is a super mid tower also not a full tower
  3. the antec is amazing. I have it, here are some pics of it here id put some more of the case but photobucket is down right now
  4. It isnt a typical college party place. THere arent many girls, no fraternitys, nothing that you would find at a typical college....I mean the degree is really good, but if i could do it over again, i would go to a state university, i was gonna go to MU (missouri state university) but ill give you my insight of it..........They dont have dorms, well not really, see you rent an apartment with 3 other guys, so 4 people share a 2 bedroom fully furnished apartment.
  5. I grad from DeVry this june. Their new Curriculum for Network And communications Management is just amazing. It is a very good school, but not your typical college atmosphere. But their degree is creditable. Just offering my opinion
  6. merry christmas....look around as well Monitors and junk
  7. Achapman


    Welcome welcome!! Remember "I will fear no Llama"
  8. yes its simple, do you wind the cords when you dont wear them? the leads eventually break when you wind them up
  9. no unless you want it tottaly silent with no overclokcing or anything
  10. you guys got lots of neat things.......i didnt get anything...my family is kinda poor, but i did get to have dinner with everyone so it was very nice....so my present was spending time with my grandma, cousin, sister and my dad...so i had a very nice christmas
  11. DFI hands down...It is the best.......As long as you can read and have the ability to learn, you will figure it out....
  12. Of course. I do see where you're coming froom.
  13. okay lets just bash me..........chill out a little bit......I never said it woudl be a perfect match to the FX-57, nor did i say that it would beat it in overclocking did I? No, I didn't. I said that It could obtain the stock speed of the FX-57, on air with stock volts......Oh, and my opteron clears the 3 Ghz mark......So what does that make it? And why do you have to call someones reasoning idotic? I find it idotic that you cant just give your opinion with out basing someone else.
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