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  1. Skyocus, Everything I say is useful. As A Mod I would think you might be more "Responsible" I thought I could speak my mind in this forum, after all its header welcomes these types of threads. Oh well, I guess its just another example of "The Man Keeping A Brother Down" Just as traders that had good deals started to show up you closed it. Could it be "Little Man" syndrome that caused it? Or just a general lack of Balls? Wayway is a good trader, I think Monkey Boy might be the Troll.
  2. No problem. I was gonna call it "OJ didnt do it" Oh well, I thought there would be a bigger response to this. Maybe when the afternoon cartoons are over there will be.
  3. Got ya with the title huh? I have dealt with him several times and never had any trouble. I read the thread and all I saw was a bunch of pussies cryin like the . they are. Grow the crap up, life happens. Feel free to ban me for this, I really dont give a .. I raise the bar too high here anyway. No offense to my bro's. They know who they are.
  4. Great card, Real clean core. 695/655 without even tryin. $460 shipped in the lower 48. [email protected] Heat
  5. Sounds like a bad fan, try what "The Mighty" Tbone suggested.
  6. Great work! You are making your mark in this community.
  7. Always have been and always will.
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