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    I74930k @4.6 cooled with xspc raystorm special edition,480xspc rad in push pull
    Evga x79dark
    32gb corsair dominator platinum 2133mhz
    Trip sli Evga gtx 780 classifieds @ 1280/3305 cooled by ek full cover block xspc 480 in push pull
    Sound blaster zx 5.1 the cert
    Corsair 900d
  1. i got a spare xfx 1250wat its a seasonic reshell decent psu lightly used but still good
  2. here are final batch of pics for this rig unless i change cases or go steel lines. My nex1500 classy went back to the cyber gods, unfortunately when i rma the thing i get back a supernova 1600 g2 ..... not to happy about it either, anyway here are pics enjoy. Additional Comment: had to bread board mother board and cpu etc to check after psu went away Additional Comment: got my gauge working
  3. wow i really like these small yet appealing builds , bravo by the inspired i am to build one now...
  4. here is a pic of my messy bread board setup. try not to laugh to hard, it let me know at least my chip and mb where good. here was a pic when she was up and running two days prior to block install anyway ill post pics up when the new psu is in, and im gaming again. thanks for all your advice
  5. It appears that way, i guess the short took the psu out instead of the mb and chip.fresh one should one should he here soon. Never had a psu die like that. Musta been a helluva blast to the single rail.
  6. Ok thanks for your replies and time, i decided to oldschool it and bread board it. Just with spare ssd,gpu,psu,had a extra rad so was able to keep the blocks on. I got into bios and everything looks well. I have to post a picture of my bread board set up horrible haha
  7. im about to breadboard my x79 rig... yay
  8. yea the wall is first place i looked as ive triped the breaker before benchmarking but that was because the wife was using her 25AMP hair dryer at same time... the odd thing is i never moved it or disconnected it prior to block instal, other than the vrm block screw hitting a standoff i didnt see anything that would kill the nex1500, was running smoothly at 4.6ghz on cpu and 1315mhz on all three gpus.... so frustrating as i am a gamer
  9. board=x79dark blocks are made by natemandoo over at ocn, for nb and vrm block cpu xspc raystorm speacial edition it has post only go so far i dont see me bending the hard steel backplate on mb. something else a tad bit odd, the psu which was working now does not so it may not be the mb or chip. i have the nex1500 psu i have 5 and 1 switches on in the back which should allow for power without mb it odes not. i also even tried jumpering green to black on the 24 pin nothing so maybe the short i found behind the nb block could have shorted the psu? this will be the forth time ive tore down, i eliminated all other periphs, except cpu mb,psu. i hear the psu click when i turn it on from the back but that its.
  10. Well thats my issue the reset and power buttons on board are not even lit, cleared cmos a bunch even remeoved bat. I use the tape for vrm block sticky on one side like squishy stuff. Ive had it apart three times looking for short points of bad wires etc. There was a short piint i fixed on the nb block, the blocks screw was hitiing a stand off... even after i fixed nothing.
  11. Ok ill will try that , its a horrid pain to tear down three gpu rig with everything watercooled. Or is ot possible to over tighten the raystorm cpu block thumb screws? They are not hammered but i did snug them up good. Its gotta be the board or chip, the psu and gpus work else where.
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