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  1. Looks like when I upgrade I should do the same with RAM which is now DDR4. Prolly get new GeForce GTX 1070... need to decide on mono CPU. Any thoughts?
  2. So, much to my surprise it has been 8 YEARS since I built my last PC... it is hard to believe because it is still pretty fast. I haven't upgraded it at all since the time of the build with the exception of 2 SSD drives, the first was a 256Mb a few years ago and just recently a 1 GB SSD... I am still shocked its been so long since I built this water cooled PC! I noticed my CPU was running a bit hot so I tore the pc apart and it looks like the enclosed liquid cooled pump is starting to fail... no repairing that thing, so I started looking at new solutions and decided as long as I am digging it apart, I might as well go all out and just rebuild it with new components. Anyway, I have done multiple builds through the years and have always appreciated the latest insights from the active group here... so I need your advice again! I am planning on keeping everything that is still viable and working well, so that will likely include my case, fans, power supply and drives. Here is my build: Intel i7-950 3.06GHz 8M LGA 1366 Gigabyte GA-X58A-UDR3 Motherboard ADATA 2 GB (Gaming Series) DDR3 1600G RAM ( x 3 sticks) Sapphire Superclock EVGA NVIDIA GTX470 1.25GB Video AZZA Hurricane 2000 Full Tower Gaming Case CoolerMaster Silent Pro 850W Power Supply So my thoughts are to keep this great case and LED fans. Keep my awesome power supply and all my drives. I just bought a new Liquid Cooler System: CoolerMaster ML240R RGB The question now is, which mobo/cpu/RAM/Graphics Card... The age old AMD vs Intel... I have built systems with both and I'm happy with both. As far as needs go, its occasional gaming, sometimes modern games, although I mostly play those on PS4 or XB. I don't do much video editing but a little. I want a fast gamer capable system but don't need the latest and greatest. I am happy with a good system that doesn't break the bank but will last me for many years (as my last one). So... Is my RAM still good or is the newer RAM much faster? Has the form factors changed for the slots in modern Mobos for the RAM and graphics cards? What do you guys think? Give me some advice to get started with....
  3. after many hours wasted today trying to find an answer I just started browsing my system and found a fix I didn't see an any other forum: I went into devices and right clicked on the greyed out HDMI high definition audio, selected Properties, under Controller Information I clicked the Properties button, Under the drivers tab I selected update driver, It found the driver and loaded up with perfect audio. A bit far down the chain, but it is working!
  4. Several questions for you guys, which provides better sound? SPDIF or HDMI? Not a hi fidelity system just running from my PC to my Vizio 47" TV/Monitor. I have a Gigabyte mobo and a Sapphire HD7870 Video Card. I can't get the HDMI to deliver sound to the monitor, so I plugged in an SPDIF cable and also can't get sound. Plugging into the speaker jack with a normal green plug to a small set of Logitech speakers works, but I don't want those speakers on my desk, I want the audio to come from the Vizio. Just updated Realtek drivers, when looking in Realtek HD Audio Manager it shows Realtek Digital Output (Optical) as default. When looking in windows 7, control panel, sound, manage sound, it also shows Digital Output (Optical) as default. It shows HDMI digital out, but it is greyed out with byline stating "not connected"... well it is connected and I can't seem to figure out how to get either to carry the audio to the monitor... All the volumes are up, and when playing music it shows shows the meter moving indicating it is playing. (and yes, the volume is up on the TV). None of the sound tests will play sounds on the TV either. Any suggestions?
  5. I got an outstanding answer link on another forum: You can always redirect / change the location of the My Pictures folder, or any of the folders in your personal folder... Redirect a folder to a new location http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/redirect-a-folder-to-a-new-location Spot on what I was looking for, FYI
  6. I have a new 1TB SATA HDD that I put into a new installation. I had always heard that it would be wiser to partition out the OS but never had before. So this time I allocated out 50GB for Windows 7 Pro. As I am putting photos/vidoes and music back onto the hard drive, it is telling me I don't have room? Does that mean that when putting photos into the users/photos section it puts it into the windows C: partitions? Any thoughts or suggestions?
  7. well, the care was indeed the problem, I purchased a new Sapphire HD 7870 and installed it.... working great. So, I guess the old GTX470 just gave up the ghost.... it was 3 years old. Interesting that it seemed to fail at the same time as the MOBO Lan port. Everything working well now
  8. i don't think it is the monitor as this same setup with same settings worked for the past year....
  9. i think it is time for a new video card... I hope I dont go spend money on a new card just to find out thats not the problem... I guess tonight I will see if that card works in my other machine... just to be sure...
  10. thanks for the suggestions gang. Yep I have tried getting drivers automatically through windows.... from EVGA and even the driver load from NVIDIA. Same result, doesn't work and in safe mode I can roll back driver to standard VGA and it works fine. The fact it works in VGA mode means the card is working? Strange that it has worked perfectly for several years, then after this LAN failure after the new board arrived I haven't been able to get it to work once I upgrade driver. I might be able to try in in another PC in the house, have to see if the older one has the same video card slot, I don't recall.... Any other thoughts?
  11. OK, I give up... I have always received help from you guys, so before I punt I thought I would ask again for your help. Several years ago I built a hotrod system with: Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R motherboard Water cooled. EVGA GTX470 GPU. Vizio 47" TV/Monitor 100mHz. The system was working great... until it didn't. Something went awry and my LAN port stopped working. I did a lot of diagnostic work and then gave up and sent the Mobo back to gigabyte, they sent me a new one and the LAN works great again. Unfortunately, now everytime I try to update the video card drivers from the basic windows driver to the GTX470 driver, the system just loses signal to the monitor. If I go back in safe mode and roll back the driver, then it works again, but basically, I am not able to use the GTX470. I thought maybe something was screwey with old drivers not getting removed etc, so I put in a brand (new never) used HDD and loaded a clean copy of windows 7 Pro (64 bit) and tried again. Same problem, everything works fine (although not getting anything but the basic video output) until I try to update the GTX470 driver, then it drops the signal again. Any ideas? Hard to believe the video card magically died like that, but it is possible, not sure how I can test the card when I can't get an updated driver to work for it... I also tried changing the slot the card is in. And lastly I simply switched my monitor to the other port on the card. None of this worked. Open to suggestions before I go buy a new card.
  12. So, I looked at the Linksys RE1000, and it sounds like this and other options will chop your data speed right in half, ugh not a good option! http://homestore.cisco.com/en-us/adapters/linksys-RE1000-range-extender-bridge_stcVVproductId136607179VVcatId554254VVviewprod.htm Here is a good review: http://www.smallnetbuilder.com/wireless/wireless-reviews/31572-cisco-linksys-re1000-wireless-n-extender-reviewed And here is a post about this topic: http://www.smallnetbuilder.com/wireless/wireless-howto/31191-everything-you-need-to-know-about-wireless-bridging-and-repeating-part-1-wds Any other advice?
  13. So, here is my current dilemma, we are living in a building on our property that we call the "guest house". We built it as part of our plan to move into it, tear down the original old house on the property and then build a new house. When done we would have a "guest house" and a new "main house". Well, we are at the point of the new home construction that I need to get my cables pulled. Everything else is done and we are ready to put up insulation and wallboard, so now is the time. The current infrastructure on the property is: DISH network on the guest house, Cable high speed modem running underground to the guest house. Linksys e4200 running hardwire or wireless to the guest house computers. The signal from this top of the line modem is weak 1-2 bars (or nothing in distant rooms) in the new house which is only a few hundred feet away, and that is before insulation and wallboard go up to further block the signal. So my options are to actually move the hardwire cable and the modem to the new house (the underground wire is currently exposed in one location near the source pole) and then just let that weak signal flow via wireless to the guest house as there will only be people living their occasionally. So my questions are: 1) Should I just move the hardwire cable run to the new house and hook up the e4200 modem there? 2) Is there some sort of wireless power repeater that would be easier so I could leave the current setup alone? 3) I am going to pull RG6 coaxial cable to the bedrooms, media room, computer room, office, kitchen, great room... just in case. Is this still necessary with so much going wireless. 4) I am going to pull LAN wire to those same locations, is this still necessary? 5) I am not planning on pulling fiber optic through the house as we are in a bit of a rural area along a dead end community of 5 acre lots, so I strongly doubt fiber will ever get out here, am I making a mistake by not pulling fiber? Any other thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  14. Still waiting, that is probably the worst part, the status is Built, undergoing quality control..... anticipation
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