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  1. Not only was it done during peak hours but without a DOCIS 3.0 modem. I'd imagine i'd get closer to 30Mbps down and 5Mbps up with the DOCIS 3.0 modem.
  2. I still to this day swear by gentoo. Portage is probably the best package management system next to debian/ubuntu's apt get system since it not only fetches most dependencies but it compiles each one from source. Though I must say each to his own. Source compilation does increase performance a little bit but its only noticeable on much older systems eg. K6-II.
  3. Oh good I was hoping they still did. And yeah wattage doesn't mean all that much as long as its a trusted brand.
  4. What he said. You can attempt to install over Win 7 with another install not an upgrade but it might not work especially if you have bad sectors on the drive. I would definitely get it into an external enclosure and backup you important data. After that I'd go what wevsspot said and format the drive and attempt to reinstall. If you are able to reinstall I'd see what smart errors come up run a utility like HD Tune or some equivalent. Its sounding to me like this is a bad drive though but you should definitely be covered with in the warranty. Best of luck to you.
  5. Well may I be the first to welcome you to the forums AKO. Its good to have another Aussie on the forums we don't really have enough of em.
  6. Compxpert

    Kingdom Hearts

    Yeah Kingdom Hearts 2 was ok but hands down I liked the first best. Probably because of the huge and obnoxious tutorial at the beginning of the game where your forced to play as Roxas.
  7. I only run 700W in my main rig and thus far its been more than enough to run a single 6970 and a Core i7 920. Its never let me down so I can assure you 750W is enough. I see people getting these 1KW PSUs all the time and usually for their setups they are extreme overkill.
  8. They still make Home Theater Receivers? Coulda sworn the last one my step dad got was the last one they made. Great stuff never disappointed me. As for me I still use my trusty old Technics SA-DX930. Technically its a panasonic since they own the company that used to make the Home Theater Receivers. Now all they make are turntables. Surprisingly even though its from '97 this thing still puts out 100W RMS and has 2 optical inputs as well as one coaxial input which is sufficent for my needs. Perhaps one day I'll check into something that offers HDMI inputs but considering this thing still does half of what current HT Receivers on the market do I may never get rid of it. I also have a passive 12" sub woofer that is run by another Technics HT Reciever (SA-GX350) which delivers another 100W RMS just for the sub woofer. I'll tell you right now though that I rarely if ever use the full capacity of this sound system maybe 80W at most ever. So if you snag something that's only 80W RMS you still won't be disappointed. Makes me wonder why people bother putting these 1000W amps and subs in their cars. About that only thing that's good for is competitions otherwise its not even close to necessary.
  9. Main PC has two 500gb drives and 2 320gb drives. Thinking of adding in the extra 320gb and 250gb drive I have laying around. Still wouldn't have 2tb but definitely over 1.5tb so I answered 1.5tb. Now if I say included every HDD I own I'd have somewhere around 3tb.
  10. Given what you require its not going to be easy to find many good recievers under $400 but I do have a couple here you can check out. This Onkyo appears to be good and has four HDMI connections three inputs and one out. It does 110W RMS but only at 6ohm if your speakers are 8ohm then it only does 80W. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16882120176 Both of these Pioneer units come in with similar spec to each other and seem roughly the same as the Onkyo unit. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16882117398 and http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16882117397
  11. I wouldn't worry about it much you'll reach it eventually. If you've seen one thread about stars you've seen em all.
  12. Also on two monitors here. A Samsung 226BW (22" for those of you not familiar with Samsungs) 1680x1050. Also have a 32" TV on with it 1920x1080 although I sometimes run both at 1680x1050 in clone/duplicate.
  13. Hmm I appear to be coming up on seven years on here too. Only two months and 10 days until then. I suppose considering that I must of joined this forum when I was 14. Man have things come a long way since then.
  14. I go with depends if its worth it here. I recall when I last changed my spark plugs there was a $1.00 rebate per plug which could have saved me a whopping $4.00 on plugs that only cost $3 a piece. I didn't even care to turn it in since it was only $4 off of $12.
  15. The brackets that mount the top 140mm fans don't have holes for anything but the 140mm fan otherwise there would be excess metal going over top of the fan for the added 120mm support. If you get creative then you could just as easily fab your own metal brackets with stuff you could pick up at home depot and a drill. I hadn't taken into consideration that the inability to mount a 120mm radiator as a con since I don't tend to take support for it into account. However if you don't mind modding a case, and trust me a Lian-Li PC-70 requires a lot more modding than this would need to accept a 120mm radiator, then it really shouldn't be a problem. I probably should have added cons for the lack of a side panel window or even ventilation for that matter in a sub $200 case. So basically if I'm understanding you correctly here, you are saying that water cooling is a standard in the $150+ price range. When I bought my first Lian-LI it was over $200 in price and offered no such thing as top mount radiator support out of the box. Support could be provided if you bought an aftermarket top panel or if you got creative like me and made it yourself. While this case does not have support out of the box for this it would be a lot easier to modify to add it on than most other cases that do not include support. And really calling it a 'standard' is laughable. Watercooling is reserved for those of us who have the extra cash to dole out and want the bragging rights that come with having setup a watercooling system. Go cheap on it and you risk your whole system. Good solid waterblocks are not cheap and generally do not support more than one socket. Air cooling on the other hand is standard and they definitely did not skimp on fans with this case.
  16. Fan adapter might work either that or like you said be more creative.
  17. None of the fans can be replaced with anything but the same size.
  18. It does accomplish other things some of those comparison cases that beat it out didn't have. It includes support for 8 PCI expansion devices which few cases do and supports XL-ATX if you happen to need the support. Plus some like that nice sleek polished black aluminum. Oh and if you didn't happen to notice it only got beat out by a case that cost almost $100 more than it.
  19. Then it would have plastic and lesser grade aluminum. I believe its using aircraft grade though I'm not 100% sure. I would also challenge you to find any other all aluminum case for cheaper than $189 because a great many more carry a $200+ price tag especially Lian-Li.
  20. They jump around a lot because they are in order from lowest to highest. Though they don't jump around as much as they used to.
  21. I also am a fan of Cooler Master case. I much liked the CM Storm Sniper I reviewed. They also make great periperals as I still use the CM Storm Sentinel Advanced Mouse I reviewed. This particular sample with the red interrior appears to be a special edition of the case so I'm not sure that one in particular would retail for ~$50 like its counterparts. That and it seems to be hard to find a Centurion 5 II in stock anywhere let alone the one with the nice red inside.
  22. Really? I've been taking pictures on a white background for awhile now and your the first to say something about it. Would have made a lot of sense and yet it didn't. The case seems like a great idea but there appears to have been a lot of overhead in its total design process. Its like someone said lets make a modular case with 3 seperate compartments. Oh cool that looks nice. Oh wait how are we gonna get power and data to the hard drives and optical drive(s)?
  23. Fixed. It does come with SATA power cables more than enough to hook up everything even 8 hard disks. What it does not come with are any data cables so it requires you to buy them. Not really sure I liked the fact that the cables run outside the case to other compartments either however the modular design definitely works. I much preferred the way the ThermalTake Level 10 did it since it contained the individual units into the entire chassis rather than 3 separate chassis.
  24. That's the straw that broke the camels back for me..... So when I do get my own contract I'm either sticking with Tmobile which is supposed to have 4g in my area soon and they already have decent 3g coverage and Verizon.
  25. Ya Know What Really Grinds My Gears? People who think Under Pressure is Ice Ice Baby.
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