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  1. !!! how could it not have been claimed! I checked every day (even before it finished! lol) well fingers crossed!
  2. Congrats! But other than creating the post, I had nothing to do with it; all the praise should go to Bosco and Tesoro, especially the latter! My bad. Thank You Tesoro Is Tesoro a proper name for a boy or a girl? & Will my wife go along with it. I think it sounds like a girls name... Tess for short.
  3. Thats ok! Thanks! (watch those few extra posts from those of us that were too excited to contain ourselves! lol)
  4. I love that you are asking and he has no clue lol. 4 beeps says a bad timer/MB... if you think its the onboard graphics.. can you swap out a graphics card from another pc? or buy a SUPER cheap one to test...? What is the MB model?
  5. seems odd... did you try re-flashing to make sure? anyway found this: http://smarttechtips.blogspot.com/2012/08/how-to-donwngrade-asus-bios.html
  6. I would second that.. 1200-1300w... wow... 3 290's - and here i am happy with my ONE 270 lol hope you are liquid cooling!
  7. well there are 137 replies to the thread... a few dups like the one saying good luck etc.. so ~ 125-130 entries so thats like... 1:40 chance? pretty good if you ask me!!! especially for a Sweet KB! Usually its like.. heres a mousepad or keychain.... ooo lol
  8. I don't have any pants on. hahahahahahah!
  9. Fingers crossed! I hate my KB!! lol Good luck everyone!
  10. Nice prizes! Count me in! Location: Fairport, NY ... thats Tt eSports...
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