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  1. StaticFX

    Tesoro Giveaway!

    Congrats all!!
  2. StaticFX

    Tesoro Giveaway!

    congrats! .. (again! lol)
  3. StaticFX

    Tesoro Giveaway!

    !!! how could it not have been claimed! I checked every day (even before it finished! lol) well fingers crossed!
  4. StaticFX

    Tesoro Giveaway!

    Congrats! But other than creating the post, I had nothing to do with it; all the praise should go to Bosco and Tesoro, especially the latter! My bad. Thank You Tesoro Is Tesoro a proper name for a boy or a girl? & Will my wife go along with it. I think it sounds like a girls name... Tess for short.
  5. StaticFX

    Tesoro Giveaway!

  6. StaticFX

    Tesoro Giveaway!

    Thats ok! Thanks! (watch those few extra posts from those of us that were too excited to contain ourselves! lol)
  7. I love that you are asking and he has no clue lol. 4 beeps says a bad timer/MB... if you think its the onboard graphics.. can you swap out a graphics card from another pc? or buy a SUPER cheap one to test...? What is the MB model?
  8. StaticFX

    Updated BIOS

    seems odd... did you try re-flashing to make sure? anyway found this: http://smarttechtips.blogspot.com/2012/08/how-to-donwngrade-asus-bios.html
  9. StaticFX

    PSU Recommendations

    I would second that.. 1200-1300w... wow... 3 290's - and here i am happy with my ONE 270 lol hope you are liquid cooling!
  10. StaticFX

    Tesoro Giveaway!

    well there are 137 replies to the thread... a few dups like the one saying good luck etc.. so ~ 125-130 entries so thats like... 1:40 chance? pretty good if you ask me!!! especially for a Sweet KB! Usually its like.. heres a mousepad or keychain.... ooo lol
  11. StaticFX

    Tesoro Giveaway!

    I don't have any pants on. hahahahahahah!
  12. StaticFX

    Tesoro Giveaway!

    Fingers crossed! I hate my KB!! lol Good luck everyone!
  13. StaticFX

    Tesoro Giveaway!

    Nice prizes! Count me in! Location: Fairport, NY ... thats Tt eSports...