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    overclock question 5930k/R5E

    Yeah, i thought it would be strange to have degradation so fast as this, but then again, not every chip is the same. If it hasnt degraded, has to be i was never fully stable to begin with. Good buddy of mine, been overclocking since pentium 4 told me that i was lucky it didnt bsod before that. He said its impossible to have degraded that fast. Has to be i wasnt 100% stable to begin with. Sucks i swear, this is my 4th chip e8500,q9550,3770k,5930k. Only the 8500 was a "good" overclocking chip. Maybe it just me but i never get a "great" overclocking chip.
  2. unst0ppabler0c

    overclock question 5930k/R5E

    I dont know much about degredation of chips but it never overheated (always cool) and it voltage never went above 1.287 for 4.4ghz. I did some testing today, i used to be able to hit 4.6ghz with 1.3 volts, i set it up again ran aida boom 1 min in crash. That didnt happen when i first got it in april. My only conclusion is it degraded.
  3. Hey all so i had my rig for about 4/5 months. I had it overclocked at 4.4ghz at 1.28 VID. Everything was fine passed 24 hrs prime95, IBT aida stress test. Was working beautifully , then all of a sudden like 4 days ago. I was getting bsods gaming. I messed with everything trying to get it stable. Long story short had to increase vid to 1.3 volts. Before i was able to hit 4.6 at that voltage but wasnt comfortable 24/7 at that. Now i got no choice in order to stay at 4.4 i need 1.3. SO... Is the chip degraded? Temps were fine 30-35 idle, 45-50 full load. It never stayed at full load either. Im just curious why all of a sudden i need a higher voltage. Thanks every1.
  4. From what i can gather they say you shouldnt put reference cards with non ref cards. Does this apply to the titan x hybrid upgrade? Just asking cuz i just did the upgrade and was thinking down the line like september to get another for sli. How would i go about that? p.s. I should mention I was able to match the factory clocks and boost no prob. build https://pcpartpicker.com/b/2LXH99 5930k rampage v titan x geil 3000mhz cas 16