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  1. When I was using the DFI board I was trying to use RAID. With the ASUS board (again using a raid array) and most recent ASUS bios (1205) I am no longer having any issues. I am sure that I was or probably had done something wrong with the DFI board, but I couldn't figure out what it was. It doesn't matter any more. Thanks!
  2. Switched to an ASUS A8N32-SLI and everything works fine now. I don't know... I was an ASUS fanboy for a long, long time. And then I switched to DFI becuase I thought I was one of the cool kids. But now I think I am just not worthy...back to ASUS for me. Thanks for all of your help and suggestions.
  3. I know for a fact that at least one of my printers doesn't have drivers for xp x64 (I was checking it out today), but it looks like I am good to go with chipset and video drivers. I have alot of hardware and software (especially games), and I guess I just worry about compatibility and performance issues. I have entered a new stage in my life and I just don't have the time for tinkering and dinking around with my computer that I used to. I just want it to work. I swear, I am about to just get rid of the damned thing and get a playstation or nintendo or something... I am going to Fry's today to look at motherboards. I may pick up a motherboard. And I may even pick up a copy of Windows XP Pro x64. I am still thinking about it... I would love to just install x64 and fix this problem, but I am afraid that I will be left with a whole host of new problems in it's place...
  4. I already have a full, stable image of all of my data. My main focus right now is just being able to either restore my backup to my system with the new FX-60 cpu or do a fresh clean install with new FX-60 without having any problems. When I restore the data with the new CPU, it recognizes the FX-60 Dual Core Processor during POST and then loads windows just fine. Then windows detects a new device (the cpu) and updates Device Manager ->Computer with ACPI Multiprocessor PC. Then prompts me to restart. When I restart it stops loading about 80% of the way through the windows boot screen and then restarts... When I try deleting all of the partitions on my raid array and then creating a new partition and installing windows on the new partition, everything goes fine until the first time that newly installed windows is about to load (after the third reboot in the install process)...then it does the same thing, stops loading at about 80% of the way through the windows boot screen and then restarts...over and over again. I am going to try some of ExRoadies suggestions tonight and I might try playing with the ACPI setting, but if disabling ACPI is going to prevent windows from recognizing the dual-core cpu then that is not an option for me. I thought ACPI was just for power management?
  5. I already have a full, stable image of all of my data. My main focus right now is just being able to either restore my backup to my system with the new FX-60 cpu or do a fresh clean install with new FX-60 without having any problems.
  6. Hmmm...I will try this! Do you know what impact this has on performance, if any?
  7. I bought it from NewEgg. I just moved to Texas and don't know anyone here, so I can't borrow a dual core cpu from anyone for testing purposes. I have an FX-60 and an FX-55.
  8. ExRoadie, Thanks so much, your dedication and support is admirable and I sincerely appreciate it. I did try a fresh install of WinXP, but I did not try breaking and rebuilding the raid array, so I will try that first thing when I get home. Someone on another forum recommended that I try disabling boot virus protection in my BIOS. I don't recall seeing that option in my bios, but I at work right now so I can't double check. If you wouldn't mind checking, would you see if there is a boot virus protection option in your bios and if so, whether or not you have it enabled? If neither of these approaches produces positive results, I will try a fresh install on a single, non-raid drive. I have also read in some forums with people having this mup.sys problem that USB drivers can be a source of the problem. I might try picking up PS/2 keyboard and mouse at Fry's on my way home and removing all my USB devices (e.g. internal USB flash card reader, PCI USB adaptor, etc) and see if that helps. I will update the forum when I have some results. Once again, my sincere thanks for all of your work at trying to help me out.
  9. The reason I am asking is becuase I still have not resolved my problem tyring to install windows (or restore my backup) with my DFI NF4 Ultra-D board with a FX-60. I have tried 3 different bios's and I am not having any luck and at this point I just want to get my pc back online. So I am considering 1) installing xp x64 or 2) trying an ASUS motherboard, probably an A8N-E or an A8N-SLI Premium. If I knew that you didn't have 'the problem' with your Opty 165 on your ASUS motherboard, I think I would prefer that option over using xp x64...
  10. Big Poppa, Did you by chance try the Opty 165 on your ASUS board? If so, did you have the same problem? I am wondering if it's some kind of bios problem. I just can't help but feel like I am doing something wrong becuase I know so many people have done the same upgrade that I am trying to do without any problems...it's sooo frustrating!
  11. Same here. I did the long CMOS clear and did a fresh install of windows xp and still had the same problem. Windows installs all the way then on reboot it gets to the boot screen, loads for a couple seconds, the restarts. If I try to load windows in safe mode, the last file that loads is mup.sys. This really sucks.
  12. Praz, I have the latest BIOS now. The problem started after I flashed to the latest bios and installed the new CPU. I am going to try flashing back to my old bios... If that does not work, then I will try your recommendations next. Thanks!
  13. ExRoadie, Yes, you pretty much have the problem right. If I were you and hearing the problem rather than experiencing it, I would probably have the same skepticism as you. But the fact remains that I am having a problem and it started when I installed a new FX-60 cpu. As Big Poppa has helped me identify, the machine is rebooting when it tries to load mup.sys. I did do a clean install of windows on a newly formatted partition and had the same problem. Yes I cleared the cmos when I flashed the bios. Yes I have read through the install guide. I will take another look to see if I missed anything but my feeling is this is bios related. Big poppa pump - I had the same thought as you. When I get home after work tonight I am going to flash back to my original bios, which is nF4 N4d623-3. I will update this post then...
  14. Well big poppa pump, you guess you were right :-( Reinstalling windows did not work...still having same symptons. And, like you suggested, i did try installing in Safe Mode and sure enough it was when loading mup.sys that it hung. What a kick in the butt. Well, I guess I better go ready about mup.sys... Anyone else know anything about this? I am having trouble with a new FX-60 cpu...
  15. Guys, I am reinstalling windows now. I will let you know how it goes... I am confident that it will resolve the problem. I know there are other people that have the same hardware/software as me that have successfully used a dual-care cpu...thousands of them. Thanks!
  16. Thanks for the suggestions. I did in fact clear the CMOS, I just didn't include that detail in my initial post. Right now I am restoring my Acronis image again...it take a few hours. I am afraid I am going to have to re-install windows. Curses! I also have upgraded cpu's many times and have never had a problem like this, so I am miffed. I can only assume that it is becuase it's a dual core, but from what I have read, this should be an easy upgrade. Well, if anyone else can think of anything or has had similar experience, please let me know. I probably won't have time to tackle reinstalling windows for a couple days...
  17. Good call but that is not the problem. I did go through and update settings to my newly flashed bios that are specific to my system (including enabling raid and making sure that the raid array is first on the hard disk boot order list). Any other ideas?
  18. Hi, I just installed a new FX-60 cpu (upgraded from an FX-55) and now windows won't load! Let me start by explaining what I have done and what has happened so far 1. I did a full back up using Acronis True Image 9.0 2. I updated the bios before I installed the new CPU. I used TMOD's 7.0 cd and I flashed the bios with OCZ Tony's nF4 0406BTA (modded 04/06/2006 bios) bios. 3. I shut down the computer and installed the new cpu. 4. Started pc up and got into bios and made some minor tweaks (no overclocking or any extreme settings...) 5. Rebooted. 6. Windows loaded just fine the first time, but it detected the new cpu and automatically updated the devices with ACPI Multiprocessor PC entry under Devide Manager (I presume cpu drivers were updated). After this update was complete I was prompted to reboot and did. 7. BIOS loaded just fine and everything started normally without errors up until windows started loading and then it just reboots. The second and consecutive times after that rebooting there is a message indicating the windows didn't start normally and that it was probably becuase of a hardware or software change and prompts me to select the methods to load windows (e.g. start windows normally, safe mode, safe mode (no networking), etc. I tried all of those options and nothing would get me into windows (including last know safe configuration). 8. Restarted backup using Acronis. 9. this time windows loaded. Again it automatically started installing a new device (ACPI Multiprocessor devide drivers) and when it was done prompted me to reboot. 10. After rebooting once again windows would not restart. AAARRRGHHH! Any ideas anyone? Thanks!
  19. The door on the P180 is double hinged and bends back 270 degrees. After getting used to having this feature on my case, i will never buy another case again that has a door and does not bend back all the way flush with the side of the case. I still wish I had gotten a CM Stacker though...or a Lian Li G70B...
  20. I have an OCZ Powerstream 520 and I use the P180. I have a DFI nForce4 UltraD mobo. I don't have any problems with any wires not reaching. I think if I could do it all over again, I wish I would have gotten a CoolerMaster Stacker. Few little niggling issues with the P180, but nothing that is a big deal. For example, on one of the side panels, the metal exterior is coming off the plastic backing a little. Also, with the PowerStream 520, it's kind of a tight fit for the lower 120mm fan that goes in between the power supply and lower hard drive cage. I have just 2 hard drives in my case right now, so I just completely removed the lower hd cage and fan and fan mount. After doing that, I also thought that the empty space left would be an excellent place for a water pump. Sorry, I can't comment on the P160 becuase I don't have one and have never used one. I like my P180, but if you are getting a new case and want something big with good cooling potential, I would urge you to consider the CM Stacker...
  21. yes agree. I have a 9500CNPS, that's definitely got a 100% copper base. I think I might try it out...
  22. Holy chemical reaction, Batman, check this out: http://frostytech.com/permalink.cfm?NewsID=46586
  23. So what's the story with this stuff? Anyone here on the Street tried it out yet?
  24. - 1972 International Travelall, affectionately referred to as the CornBinder - 2000 Toyota Corolla LX (wifes car) - 1983 Ford F250 6.9L Diesel
  25. I have owned both cards. I just sold the X1900XTX. I have read in numerous forums and reviews that the ATI image quality is better. My personal experience? On a Dell 2405fpw, I could not tell the difference. I am sure their probably is one. If you get two identical systems with two identical monitors and play the same game side by side with both cards, you could probably point out subtle differences in image quality. But here is the thing: the 7900GTX, just by itself, looks great, totally awesome, no actual problems, issues or complaints whatsoever. Nobody can tell me that they look at the 7900gtx image quality and say "boy, that sure looks crappy". It's a high end top of the line card and every game I own looks fabulous on it. My point is whatever image quality differences there are don't really matter that much (to me) in the end. Where I could tell a difference was with heat and noise. The ATI card is hot and loud as hell (at load temps...it's fine at idle, but who buys a $500 video card to let it sit in 2D mode all the time). I even tried buying an Accelero X2 aftermarket cooler on the X1900XTX and that was a nightmare. Sure, it was quiet, but my gpu and nf4 chipset temps went up 10C!!! The Accelero exhausts hot air down, which on most DFI boards is right onto the Chipset cooler. I threw that piece of crap (the Accelero X2) in the garbage can; it would have been dishonest to sell it to some other poor sap. So, in case you haven't guessed by now, I prefer the nVidia card. And please don't call me an nVidia fanboy. Fact is I have sworn by ATI cards for years. I think I have just finally had it with the Catalyst Control Center, and the soaring temps and loudness of the X1900XTX was the final straw for me. 'nuff said
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