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  1. Ah, I gotcha. I appreciate the knowledge That makes complete sense.
  2. Well, the voltages everywhere else are spot on, if this were the case, wouldn't I be able to see drops in multiple locations, especially on the CPU which is drawing quite a bit more than the GPU? I was assuming the VRM's were just not delivering on their voltage, but I was hoping there was something simple to correct that. My PSU is 3 weeks old and its a NZXT HALE82 700W. It shouldn't break a sweat.
  3. While monitoring the gpu voltage from a third party tool, it is showing it is using 1.22-1.32. However, it is set to use 1.412, is this massive inconsistancy a normality? Would something be starving the card of voltage, is the sensor just way off, or is something else going on here?
  4. Actually the 290 water cooled. Well, sorta, an all in one. That alone seems a bit overkill though, since I am limited by the max limit of the voltage, and not heat.
  5. So, apparently I just topped the FireStrike leader board for users with an 8320 and a single R9 290. I find that a bit unbelievable as I only use an NH-D14 , and an Asus DirectCUII with a Kraken G10 and AIO mod applied(Zalman LQ320), plus memory and vrm heat sinks of course. Here is a link to the score CPU is actually running at 5Ghz, 23x215. GPU running at 1240 GPU Clock, 6800 effective memory clock, 1412 mV, 150% power target. Max Temp after 3 FireStrike runs is 52C. Edit: Sorry I should have posted this in the 3dmark competition thread. Edit: Found a new stable clock speed, I may try increasing this score later today if I have time. Not much of a difference though, I fear i am at my limit pushing the cpu any further, stability is getting too hard to locate.
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