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  1. Is there any practical reason to buy a newer case, now that I'm upgrading/changing out parts? I've been thinking maybe a case without a door so I could add an LCD temperature display or something, but I don't know that I'd use that over software. I've been re-using the same old Xion black/blue steel ATX case in various budget systems for myself for years, with different PSUs depending on need (one died) and have never had any space or cooling issues, though I don't do anything too extreme to create heat. If I had to guess I'd say my case is from 2008. It has no damage to it (maybe scuffs on the window if you look hard?) Are there newer equivalents with some advantage or feature or anything that might be worth a thought?
  2. Thanks! I have isopropyl alcohol 91% and Arctic Silver 5. Do you think the stock Intel one would be better than my older TX3 (if it fits) or would it still be better than stock with its age/model not mattering?
  3. I'm building a budget (casual) gaming system with plans to play around with overclocking (I've only OC'd GPUs in the past) and have a slightly used Cooler Master TX3 (it's an old model but worked great, and has lots of positive reviews) ready to use. Would this keep that CPU cool enough? I don't plan to push it too much, as I'll be upgrading to a better CPU soon (when I'll definitely get new/better cooling, and probably ask about it here)?
  4. Edit: Thank you! I went with the ASUS Z97-A, it seems to be exactly what I need. I rushed it because I'm impatient and can't wait.
  5. Maybe the $100-160 range. Higher end boards might really be overkill for my needs (casual gaming mostly). I could spend more if I had a reason. I don't have much of an opinion on brands either way. The only motherboard I've had die on me was ASUS (but that was a long long time ago), and I have a cheap Gigabyte board right now. BIOS with actual features that makes it easier to OC might be nice.
  6. Does anyone have suggestions for good Z97 motherboards that will: 1. Let me OC a G3258 until I decide to upgrade, and 2. Use a better CPU in the near future to its full potential? I have an older system and am building a new one. I got a Pentium G3258 (OC'able Anniversary edition) because it's such an upgrade from what I've been using, and I figured for the price I might as well. I have everything I need except the motherboard. The plan is to get a good Z97 motherboard for future proofing, use the G3258 for a while, and buy a much better processor later just so I'm not spending all at once (this somehow justifies my building another computer for fun). Thanks in advance for any/all suggestions or advice!
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