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  1. Worked like a charm. You're the man, Java. Thanks.
  2. Oh really? That's weird. Ok, thanks. Oh good, I'll try it, thanks Java.
  3. I'm trying to play Titan Quest with a friend over hamachi. We are in a private network together, but aren't seeing the games in the LAN lobby. Anybody ever use this thing?
  4. Which could be said about pretty much anything. Go COLTS!
  5. I wouldn't classify it as a car, if anything I would put it in the "motorcycle" category and like motorcycles, you drive at your own risk.
  6. Oldest games I play would be Diablo 2, Unreal Toruny, and Halo 1.
  7. It's obviously a gag and it works, made me smile.
  8. Lee3188

    Too Many Ninjas

    Yes, finally made samurai, wonder whats after that. Shogun?
  9. Lee3188

    Too Many Ninjas

    Tied with iKillSteal
  10. Lee3188

    Too Many Ninjas

    Pretty fun, gets hard though. http://www.foddy.net/Ninjas.html
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