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  1. Nspire They had this locally about 10 mins away. It's alot heavier then any PSU I've had. I needed it in a hurry. I was thinking it was the PSU, but this thing works alot better then what I had originally, which was some generic 480 watt with 17amps on the 12v.
  2. Ok yeah your right about windows hogging more resources. I just meant it would be safer with less errors. I hope somebody really puts some light on this subject.
  3. Ok I just tried 1.614 and it only posted. I guess I'll try one notch higher. It's just frustrating knowing I had this proc higher at lower volts. If I can't get it I'll just start saving for an Opt. Also, everytime I reboot even at this stable frequency I have to hit the reset button like two times before It boots and beeps. And I get into windows and run some benches and play q4 for hours. What would cause that? I mean what would cause me to have to hit the reset button at what I consider to be a stable frequency.
  4. I think obviously it's better to have windows determine what the best timing mode is. I think those other ones are for more hardcore timing mode's that we gamers would want to use. But I couldn't tell you which one or ones it is..I hope others reply because I would like to know myself now that you have brought it up.
  5. How long have you had your Vcore that high? I always heard that the memory controllers are sensative to higher voltage.
  6. OK here is what I got. I did read somewhere that raising the htt voltage won't help anything. Cpu Vcore 1.594 Dram 166 @ 2.75 Fsb 249 Htt x's 4=996 I can get into windows at those settings but it is not stable at all. So my question now is. Should I raise the Htt voltage or try something else, or should I just give up. Temps at that vcore are at 32c when I get into windows. I had this ram at ddr480 speeds running at a fsb of 240. I don't think the ram is holding me back.
  7. It took me about two weeks to finally "almost" fully understand this OC method. Your trying to do it all in one night. And hey I'm sure your intelligent enough to figure this out.
  8. Yes it is aggravating, I know. I reset the cmos twice today just to end up only 50mghtz higher then the day before..Anyway what hardnrg was saying was to find the max HTT's of your mobo and your max ram freaquency. After that you can find your max cpu OC keeping your HTT and your memory close to the max you found. So what are you really confused about? For me it was the ram divider and the HTT.
  9. Must have patience. I have found that it helps me to write down what i am doing so i don't forget. And i make one change at a time and try it.
  10. Ahh good point. I forgot the the limits of my board. I'll try 2.85.
  11. Ok good deal. I'll do that. Thanks!
  12. Ok would 1.6vcore be too high for the memory controller? And is my ram really capable of 3volts? I hope so.. Edit-Ok I just checked core center and it displayed my vcore as 1.47 which is lower then the bios's 1.49..You think the bios is more right? Oh and I am running a divider.
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