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  1. One *last* question, haha. I've been looking into the Thermaltake Water 2.0 Pro , is this outdated by now or does it still perform well against other 95$ Water coolers? Edit: Found the Water 3.0 is less expensive and seems the same. Thanks for the help.
  2. I use the Zalman Z11 Plus. Thanks for all the help
  3. Alright I'll start looking into fans. Is the Hyper 212+Evo a great fan ? I'll have a price range of up to 50$, but I'm looking for something that isn't too noisy. Thanks for the help. Edit: I'm assuming most coolers will fit the z87-pro? No issues with coolers that only work on certain MOBOs ?
  4. Thanks haha. Someone mentioned it might be because my heatsink wasn't fitted properly, or that maybe I should re-apply thermal paste. I read while I was building my computer that the z87-pro already had thermal paste pre applied to the heatsink (I think) but my friend and I had already put a little thermal paste on before reading this. Do you think this might be causing a problem? I'm quite happy with the stock 3.5ghz, but just figured since it was a 4770k I would want to atleast try to get it to 4.2.
  5. The fan came in the box with the 4770k, I am assuming it is the stock fan.
  6. Hey guys, I am following the tutorial to overclock my 4770k found here http://www.overclockersclub.com/guides/overclock_intel_4770k_guide/ and ran into a problem. It says while using primer that I shouldn't be going over 80c at stock speeds, but using HWMoniter during the primer95 test my CPU was going well over that. It quickly went to 90c, and I stopped the test at 91c (after about a minute of testing) just in case this was a problem. Is this usual? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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