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  1. So, the performance drivers will not install, says no application found. Our current drivers are 311.66, Nvidia's website says the partner certified driver for ACAD 2013 is 310.90. Would moving back make a difference? Would moving to the current build - 347.52 - help? I changed to the Basic setup when I first got my workstation, don't care for all the stupid Aero stuff. I downloaded the GPU monitor program and pulled out our site layout with all our machines, about a 100mb file. After manipulating the file for a bit, this is what it was reporting: GPU Shark v0.7.5 ©2013 Geeks3D - www.geeks3d.com ---------------------------------------- Elapsed time: 00:37:51 OpenGL memory - total:2048MB, usage:225MB GPU 1 - NVIDIA Quadro K2000 - GPU: GK107 - Bus ID: 5 - Device ID: 10DE- FFE - Subvendor: HP (103C- 94C) - Driver version: - NV driver branch: r310_00-437 - OS: Windows 7 64-bit - Bios version: 80.07.9b.00.07 - GPU memory size: 2048MB - Bus width: 128-bit - GPU memory location: GPU dedicated - GPU memory type: GDDR5 - GPU temp: 31.0
  2. AutoCAD 2013 - I have briefly perused their website, and my current & new configuration meets/exceeds their requirements. Interestingly, when I check the Tuning options in AutoCAD, it states that the K2000 in my current machine is not certified. I work for an automotive parts manufacturer, drawing parts in 2d at a micron scale. We have not started rendering our parts in 3d yet, but it is something our engineers are wanting to transition to for tooling purposes. The UI tends to be mildly choppy when panning/zooming. It is very choppy when attempting to copy, insert Xrefs, or when hatching. As an example: Our plant layout is about a 3.5mb file, and when attempting to move machine layouts or hatch in sections, it typically takes 5-10sec for the changes to draw on screen. Its in these delays that I experience the majority of my AutoCAD crashes. I have not installed any monitoring software, but if you have a good recommendation, I'd be happy to do so and generate some logs for review. Thanks for all the information. I've only been working with AutoCAD for the last year, so I'm still very green when it comes to its setup. All my previous drafting exp was in structural steel using SDS.
  3. I've never heard of this, but having used the might power of Google, it seems like a pretty easy thing. We run 64-bit Windows 7 on our work PCs, do you think this would be beneficial? We do fairly limited 3d rendering atm, and I'm not seeing any "professional only" AutoCAD settings that we utilize. the 970 benches better than the 680 on most test I'm finding, would the cost difference, 680 being more expensive + modding really benefit me?
  4. Our IT guys is building me a new workstation for AutoCAD, and is trying to decide what GPU to go with. New machine specs: Xeon E5-1620, 16GB Ram, HDD & SSD(don't know the brand), 2560x1440 monitor My current unit has a Quadro K2000, which has felt very underwhelming. I do mostly 2d, very high detail drawings, and have been having issues with rendering times. The limited amount of 3d work I do is a nightmare. The card he is looking at is the GTX 970(didn't state which manufacturer). Comparing it to the K2000, it seem like a substantial increase in performance. I would imagine we are looking at a sub-$400 budget for the GPU at this point, my company is pretty tight about spending money. Thoughts? Ideas? Recommendations?
  5. Its not a SSD Its was in an old portable unit that had the USB plug broken. Threw it in there for extra storage and to recover all the data from it. Might still move it below. My only gripe with this case is that the front & top panels are riveted in place...I couldn't change the location of the cables for the top USB/audio. Space behind the motherboard is pretty ample, I may rerun the fan cabling to the back if its long enough. My son is on dish duty, but needed to finish his homework first lol
  6. http://forums.overclockersclub.com/uploads/gallery/album_573/gallery_134015_573_482011.jpg Got my rig together finally, still need to do some clean up work for the fan control wiring though. The cooler will have to go...blue LEDs are a no go in the black/red/white scheme
  7. Props Onion Always good to see people helping people. Chicken Burrito from the food truck for lunch...tasty
  8. Windows Phone not on the list? Discrimination I say!!
  9. Power supplies with short cables, LEDs on CPU coolers that don't have an off switch.
  10. So, started putting everything in my new case...and the cables on the PS are too short, even if I don't try to route them for appearance. So, dropped some more cash and got a NZXT NP-1BM-0550B-US 550w. The black & red of the mobo offset really nicely with the white & red of the case, and the white PS and white cables will make it look sweet. Pics to come once I get it finished. Props to Newegg.com for killing the shipping: Free shipping - case in 1 day, memory in 3, PS should be here by Wednesday.
  11. I would off the suggestion of the Nokia 1520 or 925. I've been using the 1520 for 5mo or so and absolutely love it. App store is behind android/iOS, but there hasn't been an app that I've needed I couldn't find. Edit: The HTC One (M8) is another windows device to consider.
  12. It is, but every time I try to boost speed past the 3.8 starting point, computer won't post, giving me a memory fault code. I managed to get to 4.0 once, but it wasn't stable and crashed as soon as I launched D3. I've tried everything I can think of to get the current setup to scale up, same memory error code every time
  13. Probably so he can overclock. I fail to see the need for more than 1600Mhz...the money could have simply distributed to other areas of the build. Memory is the last place one should splurge. IMHO. It never pays How are you shackled? What are you running now? Sitting on 4gigs(1 stick) of 10700 that will not budge when I try to OC. http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.php?app=gallery&image=2583 I have another 2gb stick, but running them both was causing issues. I would have saved about $10-15 going to 1600 speed, not a make-or-break difference...plus the 2400 gives me room to upgrade other parts down the road.
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