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  1. omg. thank you. i can now get legit versions of software.
  2. In my family we had a pig roast for every high school and college graduation. I have 6 brothers and 3 sisters.
  3. I guess my issue is my stability. I can boot windows at 320 * 14 =4.48Ghz but its not stable at all. Im worried about raising my core voltage higher. is there a point when its too much voltage even if you have great cooling?
  4. I need help overclocking cuz ima noob. My current setting are stable. But if the baseclk was 5mhz faster its unstable. I've tried upping the voltage but i didn't know how much juice is too much. Is it just temperature dependent? Also I wanna see if the can make my ram run faster and i know your supposed to make the RAS or CAS lower, but there are so many settings there, idk what to change. Also i think my RAM is overclocked to 1900Mhz, this was the last thing I set and wanted to you what you guys think. AT 4.0Ghz (286x 14) 1.425V max temps are 47 degrees. EDIT: OMFG ima noob, I was only looking at AMDoverdive's core temps. While the cores were 46C, the CPU was at 68C. I guess I won't be getting the cpu going any faster.
  5. The H70 runs about 3-5 degress cooler than stock H50. It is pricey, but i bought it anyways cuz I wanted the newest and best for my new rig, also Ima dummy. http://www.legitreviews.com/article/1395/7/ Here is a review of the H70. This site is amazing with its cooler/heatsink reviews.
  6. Slightly Give more info CPU, Cooler and voltage.
  7. Thank you very much for your advice. As my family deer hunts, there are many high powered rifles available to me.
  8. Just to set some points straight. 9mm handgun (3-5 shots), not shotgun. Right side of the left panel(panel shown in pic), where the HHD and IDEs are. The cool think I think is the these will be physical holes, the light from the cathodes will be able to shine through them. I was talking to my roommate about this and we were debating if this would add or decrease the value of the case. I already gave it a paint job for better or worse. My mind is still open, Im just curious. Do you think it would look any better with or without them?
  9. I have an old case I plan to pepper first, just to see how it looks.
  10. I have an H70, anything I can tell you about it?
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