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  1. Hmmm.... how i post it hahaha html? and what are the codes (its been too long) i ihave it screen printed and saved into paint xD
  2. This is my first SSD and brand new everything lol Turns out i THINK i justttt got it thanks to someone who posted an interesting suggestion elsewhere. idk what took me so long to find a solution but it did and now if this goes through ill be so thankful =] and i am grateful for the help everyone! (moderators, is it ok to post a picture of the solution or no? or if people can PM me that works as well? idk the rules to it)
  3. Ed, Does it make a difference if I am using a usb3.0 as the boot drive in a 2.0 port? Bc if so I think I have a 2.0 hdd ill jjst partition and use instead?
  4. Hey commander, I did use that program and the iso I obtained from digital river I believe? i think those that are posted come as the Windows 7 with SP1? Or maybe I am wrong and it is justtt SP1? Im not sure about any of this anymore :/
  5. I will be checking this as soon as I get home and ill post back if anything changes!
  6. Well... I actually dont know where the setup logs are... would they be right on the usb? -,-
  7. and i understand piracy talk is forbidden which i not what im trying to do;i have a genuine product key, but cant get it to even install to begin with. i've searched long and hard but have now decided to post and see if anyone can relay an answer to me. again thanks everyone!
  8. Hi everyone, so i am trying to do a clean install onto a Samsung EVO 250GB SSD via usb (no dvd drive lol), yet each time i try to press next at the 'which drive do you want to install on' it says that "setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition. See thwesetup log files for more information". I've tried just about everything, the drive is SATAIII changed it from IDE to ACHI in the UEFI/bios. USB boot is enabled. It is the only drive connected, no DVD drive either (so even if i had the disk itd be for nothing). what else... the board is an AsRock 970 Extreme4 with an AMD fx-8320 cpu (stock everything, no overclocking) the drive is plugged into the first sata port on the MOBO. i mean it seeeees the drive so i am lost... AND beyond really frustrated because i thought this was going to be an almost sort of simple process seeing as how microsoft provides the tool to turn a usb into a bootable Win7 drive. now im stuck using my phone and an old craptop :'( helpp pleasee!!! thank you all :\ (also tried to see if this was posted previously but i did not see anything so my apologies if it's there)
  9. yo Captain lol... if the timings were different... or something, voltages perhaps, idk, what should i look out for/ want to keep matched etc, bc its 8gb of Crucial and 4GB of Patriot both of which are 1600MHz =D
  10. i was actually thinking ram is getting more expensive.. i purchased a Crucial Ballistix set (2x4GB) 1600MHz in 2012 at around 40$ and now they are 70+ =[ if anyone is looking into the 6gb kit i found lemme know(idk if thats against the rules) (and i know its not much RAM but hey under 30$ )
  11. now if i were to take the last 2 sticks and put them into MY computer that has 2x4GB sticks... is that a good or bad idea (the placement will be 4gb,2gb,4gb,2gb) the timings looked the same in any case?...... ;\ or is this a bad move?
  12. BOSSSSS thank you! thats what i was thinking (for people with 6-memory slots, they need three at a minimum to get the proper effect aka convenience for them// marketing) and if anyone wants to add please do! Thanks Capt'
  13. Veryy simple. So im trying to build a desktop for my gf and I saw a triple channel memory kit on sale anddd from what I hear putting all into 3/4 dual channel sockets is a waste. Howeve, what if I were to get 2 triple chanel kits, and take 4/ 6 for her, would that work. Im only asking bc "they say" the memory doesnt constitute the channel its being out into... so it should be fine yes? Its 3x2gb pc12800 (1600mhz) so getting a 2nd kit would get the 8gb. Thanks everyone
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