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  1. Yeah, got it on last Amazon DoTD, for $36.99, should be here tomorrow or Friday While I didn't know if it would run (actually thought it wouldn't) I still had the upgrade in plan, so eventually... Now I'm thinking if my laptop would run it.. Don't think so though, video isn't good enough... Got an irony there, compare to my desktop, CPU is more powerful (i7 3632QM) but the video card while decent for a laptop for mild gaming, is a less powerful Radeon 7730M 2GB (curiosly this one does support DX11 )
  2. Hi, The specs from "leaked" reports early last year may not be the same as the official specs released after the Watch Dogs delay. This is perhaps why you may have seen 4Gb as the minimum in those incorrect reports. These are the official Steam Minimum Specifications : (Note the Phenom II X4 940 and 6Gb RAM) Specs.PNG And these are confirmation of the minimum specs by creative director Jonathan Morin in early March after the delay : Specs 2.PNG Specs 3.PNG So I am confident that it is 6Gb of RAM as the minimum. That being said, Call of Duty Ghosts was also 6Gb minimum but that was lowered after release... Somehow I doubt all the future games will require 6Gb, but it is very likely that future "next gen only" games like Witcher 3 and the next Assassins Creed will require 6Gb. I also saw the OP posted about an AM2+ issue. It seems with 1066MHz DDR2 RAM that you can only use one DIMM per channel hence only 2x2Gb or 2x4Gb. I see three possible options - Either skip upgrading the RAM and stick to a powerful GPU with an SSD and hope that games keep requiring 4Gb as the minimum - Downclock your current 1066MHz DDR2 RAM to 800MHz and add more 800MHz DDR2 RAM this circumventing the 1066MHz issue - Try find a 2x4Gb 1066MHz DDR2 kit which will also avoid the problem Hope this helps Speaking of specs, I recently bought a physical copy of Titanfall, which should be arriving soon, and I don't quite get the following: On the game site, they list as the min requirements: Radeon HD4770 (for amd boards) Direct X 11 So how can this be..? That card doesn't support DX11 in hardware according to what I searched... Might they just mean what SOFTWARE version they require of DX??? It has to either be that or the card has to be another. I mean even my old 4870 is a couple of tiers higher than that one! ( meaning if tru I could run that game? Woo hoo! )
  3. Heheh don't fight guys! With lucjk I might get a trip to the US soon, so I will probably go for an SSD too... we'll see...
  4. Wow thanks for all the replies and so fast..! Yes, this PC is just for games. I have another smaller one for everyday stuff, downloads, office, etc.etc. I play @1080p, however, what would I need to try two or three monitor setups in the future? (Looking at you, racing games) I would suggest some more RAM. The upcoming Watch Dogs requires 6Gb minimum and I can well imagine that future games would require something similar. But remember to check that your OS is 64 bit. Finding a cheap second hand HD7950 or HD7970 would also make a great gaming experience at 1920x1080 Plus if more games use Mantle in the future, you will be able to benefit from it. Yeah I thought of bumping to 8. Then I saw the whole AMD2+/1066Mhz with 4 DIMMs issue... Kinda on the fence. OS is Win 7 Ultimate, 64bits. 770/R280X was kind of my sweet spot I guess for max I wanted to pay for a new card. Would that be good enough even for trying multi monitor? Kinda thought so about graphics. She's just too old... Regarding SSD, is it mostly used for OS disk, or also for where you install games? Does it *really* show any improvement for this last use? Thanks!
  5. Hey guys. Long time gamer, first time poster... Haven't upgraded/renewed my PC in a long time, and looking to do just that. I have some doubts as to wether I should just renew it, or if upgrading a few key components would be enough. While my components are old for gaming standards (don't remember now but they were bought between 3 and 4 years ago,...), and I definitely would want to upgrade the video card for the latest games as well as add RAM, I'm not sure if I would get a real benefit from changing the rest. And when I say "real benefit" what I mean is I don't consider (for me) that getting an extra 5-10 fps would be worth changing the base platform, if changing the rest gives me decent performance. So this is my current setup: CPU: Phenom II X4 940 3.0 Ghz Black Edition RAM: 4GB Gskil Pi Black 5-5-5-15 Mobo: Gigabyte GA-MA790X-UD4P GFX Card: Sapphire Radeon HD 4870 1GB 256-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 PSU: Corsair CMPSU-750TX 750-Watt TX Series 80 Plus Certified (single +12V rail) Disks: WD 250Gb (80 OS + 160 Misc) + WD 500 GB (Games) + WD 1TB (More Games...) Monitor: Samsung XL2370 @ 1920x1080 My thoughts after some basic searching were to get another 4GB of RAM to take it to 8GB, and to replace the video card to either a GTX 770/780 or an R9 280X/290X (budget depending). Any thoughts from you knowledgeable folks?
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