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  1. *Piracy talk removed*
  2. What can i do? This appear me after update..
  3. Reinstall windows or what? What can i do now? Nothing work to me! This fail, again and again and again...
  4. Didn`t work, any version didn`t work!!!!!!! Why do fail, fail?! What it`s wrong? I dezinstall all corectly and install corectly and from finish give me this 2 eror!!!!!
  5. Yes , but the version 13.2 it`s not here! And latest version give me fail!
  6. I`m romanian and i don`t speack english very well, but i have a big problem and mistake ! I have Ati readon hd 7000 series pCie. My amd driver was update today and problem is this!!! I unistall all amd driver with your tutorial , http://www.overclock...ati-gpu-drivers and install with original CD but nothing !!! PLEASE HELP ME!! I try too Uninstall everything again, and install using the 13.2 AMD drivers, and not the one from the original CD, but dind`t work because all sites redirect me to this!
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