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  1. Ok thanks for your help ! I know absolutely nothing about all these memory configurations and timings, etc. But it looks like an interesting subject that I could look into more. I think my current memory sticks are simply just not compatible with the motherboard, they are not shown in the motherboard manual at all, and so no timings are given. Although the manual does list two 2133 memory options, khx2133c11d3k4 / 16gx (xmp) 4 x 4 Gb and khx2133c11d3t1k2 /16gx ( xmp) 2 x 8 Gb but not the sticks that I have = khx21c11t2k2 / 16x = 2 x 8Gb. Although in the specifications summary at the front of the manual it does not list 2133 memory at all = it says >>> MEMORY 4 x DIMM max. 32Gb, DDR3 1866 / 1600 / 1333 / 1066 Mhz ECC, non ECC, unbuffered memory. HOW confusing is THAT ? I have downloaded the latest updated memory list from the Asus website, but my memory sticks are not on that list either. I will try some cheaper corsair 1600 that is actually listed in the manual, along with their timings. I don't REALLY need the fastest gaming memory, I just want my animations and rendering programs to work smoothly. Like they did before I " Upgraded " the computer. dave
  2. I haven't a clue about that ! But you have a very good point there, if the program uses just one or two of the processor cores, then 2 out of 4 cores is a lot bigger than 2 out of 8 cores. Just shows that a big butch powerful processor and faster memory is not necessarily any faster or better in some cases. Maybe only for gaming. dave
  3. I tried several different voltage values for different timing combinations, between 1.5 and 1.65 volts. didn't want to risk damaging the memory sticks. Seems to me that there are dozens of different types of memory, and timings, even in the DDR3 range. It would be very useful if some magazine could compile a list of ---- What memory works best with what motherboard ! dave
  4. Thanks for your reply, I managed once to get it to run at 2133, then 1600, then 1333, but the system was unstable, tried different timings, I have finally settled on 1600 for now, but there are still some slight conflicts between the memory and motherboard, or processor, that I did not have before, there are still jitters and slight slowdowns in programs. I assume that it is not the correct type of memory for the motherboard. I did not realise that there are so many different types of memory sticks. I will buy some more memory sticks that are listed as compatible in the motherboard manual. regards dave
  5. Hi all ....... dumb newbie here ! I have just upgraded my system from >>> Asus M5A97 pro Kingston kvr 1333 d3 n9 16Gb 1333 AMD phenom 965 black Nvidea Quadro fx 4600 760mb TO Asus Sabertooth 990fx V2.0 16 Gb (2 x 8 Gb) Kingston hyperx khx21 c11 t2 k2 / 16x 2133 AMD FX 8350 8 core processor Nvidea Quadro fx 4600 760mb I work with Solidworks and Autocad CAD systems, and do a lot of rendering and Maya graphics work. The system seemed to be struggling and slow, and so I thought that a new board and faster processor would help. Some real games would be fun too ! The problem I have now is that the new system seems to be much slower than the old system. I have to wait around for longer during renderings, and there seems to be some serious bottleneck happening. I discovered that after I bought the new memory sticks, that the Sabertooth board qualified memory list does not support any memory above 1866. Could this be the problem with the slow system ? I don't have a clue about the technical side of memory timings. I had been twiddling around with the memory timings in the Bios, but all I got was system crashes and non-startups. So I had to press Mem-Ok button and let it sort itself out. Does anyone think that I should go back to 1333 memory sticks or is there an easy way to adjust the memory I already have to make it more compatible. ? dave
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