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  1. i Agree with with DexRain, i read great reviews about the asrock z87 fatal1ty killer and for quality / price looks great to me
  2. Thanks alot for you feedback and for your help
  3. Well i saw some cool reviews about it so i might go for it, also i have a friend that already got 2 asrock boards and they never gave any problems and their still working great. The price in euros of the asrock z87 killer its around 130
  4. Hello guys since im new here i have 2 questions that i wanted to make. Are these 2 Ram's compatible with a motherboard Asrock fatal1ty z87 killer CORSAIR KIT 16GB DDR3 1600MHZ VENGEANCE LP (CL10 - 1.5V) http://www.globaldata.pt/pt-PT/pr/CMZ16GX3M2A1600C10/CORSAIR-KIT-16GB-DDR3-1600MHZ-VENGEANCE-CL10---15V.htm#.U1b2FlVdU8p CORSAIR KIT 16GB DDR3 1600MHZ VENGEANCE (CL10 - 1.5V) http://www.globaldata.pt/pt-PT/pr/CMZ16GX3M2A1600C10/CORSAIR-KIT-16GB-DDR3-1600MHZ-VENGEANCE-CL10---15V.htm#.U1b2FlVdU8p I've been searching in some websites but i cant really obtain a firm answer or 100% proofs that it is in fact compatible And also is it a good choice to go with the Asrock fatal1ty z87 killer ? ive heard some great reviews about it thats why im asking here to get second opinions Thank you in advance
  5. Gremlin I cant find the motherboard that i have in mind.. the Asrock fatality z87 killer, i tried the tool but i can only find the fatality z87 professional, dont know if its the same one or not
  6. Thank you for your opinion guys. At the moment im not buying/building the pc right away, and i might go for a bit more on my budget, but im still not sure. I might follow ComputerEd's idea about getting an 240gb SSD and and HDD 1TB. About the PC you made WarWeeny, im still going with the Asrock and prolly getting the GTX760, because i already had a bad experience 2 times with the Ati graphic cards, and also i got a great feedback about the gtx700 series. With time i might change some things but thank you overall for you opinion guys, appreciate it.
  7. RedFury77 Thank you for your opinion. I'll probably get the GTX760
  8. Bla Thank you very much for your opinion. I have another question, about the Socket, is it worth it to get a motherboard with socket 1150 instead of the 1155? I saw a comparison between INTEL CORE i5 3570K (3.4GHZ) vs INTEL CORE i5 4670k (3.4GHZ) and the new Haswell was a bit better, and the price difference was about 10
  9. BLACK64 Thanks for the reply. I dont really know how to check if a RAM is compatible with a motherboard (maybe you or anyone who sees this could give a brief explanation) About the motherboard. By "a better name" do you mean ASUS? The GPU's you mentioned are a bit off of my budget
  10. Hey guys, I just registered on this forum to seek for help on building a gaming pc for about 1000
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