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  1. I personally like the Thermal Take Armor Revo Full tower. - $189 In my opinion this is one of my favorites and just has it all. I personally prefer the top mounted USB ports vs. the front facing. The hot swapable hard drive port is an excellent and feature you use all the time once you have it. The window and shape are unique enough and have a cool factor of 9. The number of bays and slots make this a gamers or power users computer case. Side fan is powered by a built in switch in the door and eliminates the clutter of more fan power cables. Again this is a feature that I don't see why more cases do not come with. The only thing to make this better is to have the switch with a standard fan connector so the user can swap fans and not have to try and hard wire them in like I did mine to have a light up fan on the side. I personally hate the fact that they have discontinued this case, but I am thankful I have mine and know I will not need to upgrade my case for a long time. Bring it back or at least update the line and keep them coming www.thermaltake.com. I had a full tower Lian Li case for almost ten years and it was a awesome case that served me well. The Gene mid tower edition is also a great case for the users that are not hard core or need the shere size of the full tower. Yet it still gives them the looks and 90% of the features of the full tower. Sad thing is that one has just ended its life cycle too. So I suggest you get yours while you can still find them. So who else has this case and what have you done to mod your or have you kept it original? I have seen some awesome mods and although mine is 100% original, I am thinking of modding mine. What do all like or hate about this case?
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