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  1. edit: wanna trade anything for it?
  2. I have a Fully functional jl audio 500/1 amp. It has Cosmetic damages but internally works fine. Was powering two 12" cd4 audio subs that I do not have Hooked up any more as the subs just suck. I am asking $230 OBO or if interested in trade for a subbwoofer 12" or 15" at comparable price would be willing to trade! Amplifier works fine just has cosmetic damages. i have not tested the preamp output section but everything else works fine as i didn't have a need for the preamp section on amp. The controls on amp all work and still can be used with flat-head to adjust them. Some are a little abused but they all work and are easy to turn. RCA inputs are a little loose at least with the rca's i was using, meaning RCAs have a little play when connected but inputs themselves are sturdy. Pictures For trades looking for subwoofers give me some things you would be willing to trade subwoofer wise mainly looking for 12" or 15" subs. Brand isn't a huge deal but I had a re audio subwoofer before and loved it so if you have one/two and are willing to trade let me know.
  3. nice to see amd back in the 4ghz world. the g2's are showing some promise in the oc'ing world.
  4. private trackers will always be much better for speeds, and selection imo. TPB is good but its kinda hit or miss with speeds. and as far as demanoid and oink sites like these are going to be replaced quickly, infact oink has already been replaced. There are already many sites just as good as demanoid that have the same amount of users just a little less known as they are more private than demanoid was. imo demanoid wasnt a fully private site. the new oink site imo is a lot better than the old oink for speeds the selection isnt up there yet but once the members get back onto the new site it will get a much wider selection.
  5. the cool thing about it is its great for a simple file server. you can have w/e amount of drives and sizes and windows shows them as one drive. Alshouth the smallest drive is the most amount you can transfer at once, So if you have a 40 gig drive you can only transfer 40gigs or less at a time.
  6. Restoration quick google search the other day, as i needed the same tool. It worked not very feature rich but worked.
  7. ThunderChicken


    Anyone have any suggestions to rpg's much like the elder scrolls series. I cant get enough of these games but at the same time im looking for something new. any suggestions?
  8. being an amd fan I really hope amd can really outperform the intel's out currently and the penryn. Sadly ive seen some early benches using the server version of the phenom and it doesnt look to good. But well have to see when phenom samples get out. I like amd more than intel dunno why just do so ive been hoping that while im saving for my next rig which if i had the money now would be a c2d or quad core. but hopefully by the time i save up amd comes out with a beast.
  9. try some older versions of vc drivers. dont try newest or beta. I had some problems with my dual monitor setup and my vid card. I installed older drivers for me like 6 versions ago and it fixed the problem. If that doesnt work you can try tweaked drivers and in some cases they raise fps and benches. extreme g ive had good luck with those.
  10. ah my bad i was saying thermalright but typing thermaltake lol. now the question is to get the money for this. Will eventually get a 8800 or better, but for now the 7800gtx is doing its job. I mostly do video encoding so a beefy video card isnt a priority.
  11. This is what im looking at... Mobo: Abit IP35 Pro CPU: C2D E6850 FAN/Heatsink: Thermaltake 120 as far as i know is the best cooler out there for air any other suggestions? Memory: Still up for deciding(need something good at oc'ing and stable) Video Card: 7800gtx evga(using it in current build) one for now as i dont deal with gaming that much. Harddrives: Going to use my current raptor drives then and run them in raid-0 2xseagate barracuda 1tb 32mbcache drives for now then later add 2 more will run those in raid-1 Power Supply: Will remain my 700w gamexstream OCZ The case im still up for suggestions/deciding as im using my current cheiftec dragon which is green lol, im debating looking for a case though that has more room for harddrives as i have high space needs. Sound ill be using my current soundblaster gamer soundcard for now prob upgrade that later. So now look at this build and help me find weaknesses and or bottlenecks. I know that my vid. card doesn't have dx10 but i use xp 64 and i plan on using it for a while so i have no need for dx10 for now. Edit: btw i didn't know exactly which part of the forum to put this into, so sorry if its in the wrong forum
  12. if you have a program called cpu-z check and see whats that is telling you. Otherwise download it search google for cpuz and download the latest version then well go from there.
  13. sounds like a nice comp you just built there. Get it folding, and lets see some benches!
  14. Thank you did what i wanted.
  15. in firefox i have my favorites in a bar below the address bar and above the tabbed browsing. My question is can i get this same style in opera? Im just playing around with opera i have always used firefox, so i dont know much with tweaking/customizing opera.
  16. Cm Stacker Specs Cm Stacker on newegg i honestly dont have watercooling so i dont knwo for sure if this would be a good case but the dimensions are very promissing.
  17. that tuniq 2 looks on the smaller size to me also. I have a cheiftec dragon much like hardnrg's and i am forced to put my video card on the second(lower pci-x slot) as my drives fill it up, ya its prob my fault for having 7 harddrives but at the same time i need a new case as this is to small. Or i need to get fewer and bigger drives hopefully getting 4x1tb drives soon but thats besides the point. Basically Cheiftec/antec cases are about the same. So any full tower from those would more than likely be good for air cooling and just a big case. For water cooling what hardnrg suggested is defenitly what i would look into. I suggest looking at the cm stacker serious for space, or the cheiftec cases as they offer a lot of room for many people. btw hardnrg i must say i like the Chieftec Mesh BigTower, that you have. I like the simplicity to it.
  18. Ive been none stop listening to some of the sets of armin van buuren for the last few days. I love it, markus shulz is another that has really been getting my attention lately. of course i love the sets from tiesto and paul van dyk by far both are my favorite. Right now im listening to tiesto at club glow its a hour and 20 minute set about half way through right now.
  19. hitting refresh def. wasnt doing it but clearing cache did the trick.
  20. I currently have my 939 setup i have one gig right now, im looking at getting 2x1gig sticks odviously ddr not ddr2, what would be the best or some suggestions at some sticks that would be good. I need them to be good oc'ers as i wanna be able to get them to the current speeds im running now, and possibly farthur. I like pdp a lot had good luck with them in the past but just looking for suggestions.
  21. that sums up this whole thread.
  22. haha wow ya cleaning temp files worked, didnt think it be that simple. NEver had that happen the whole time ive posted on these forums, thought maybe we were having some problems.
  23. Just happened today i viewed a thread and it showed up normal then all the sudden click on new one and bame its like this. Also front page is the same as before just when i click forums it does this.
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