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  1. im wondering, if i wire the LEDs up in a series, do i need the same strength resistor? for example, as you mentioned, if i used a 470ohm resistor for 1 LED, would i need only half that value if i were to connect two LEDs on the same series circuit? because it would require more voltage? or do i just stick with the same resistor?
  2. got it. you answered all my questions. thanks a lot psywar! couldnt have done it otherwise.
  3. thanks psywar!!!! that helped a LOT! one more question if you dont mind. so i connect the positive wire to the yellow wire on the molex. waht abotu the negative wire? where to i connect that? and i can just stick the wire into the molex pin right? or should i snip the molex wires and solder the wires to the yellow one? so i will have 4 different wires, for 2 LEDs. thanks.
  4. hi, i really like this mod i saw here, http://www.moddin.net/article.asp?ArticleID=48 and im interested in trying it. however, ive never modded my case.system besides chaning some LEDS in the cdrives, mouse, keyboards, etc. and i dotn have a dremel. in order to cut the cd im going to need a dremel. i wouldnt like to spend a lot on a dremel since ill only be using it for this mod and maybe some minor ones in the future. will this tool work? http://www.sears.com/data/product_images/t...1083000-dlv.jpg Hand held single speed runs at 35,000 RPM. Comes with 65 accessories and storage case. Has replaceable motor brushes and ball bearing construction. Great for cutting, grinding, polishing, sharpening and more Includes grinding or sanding accessory Perfect for the avid hobbyist or professional also, in the article, it states that i need resistors. i have no idea how to determine what kind of resistors i need (voltage wise). and how do i wire up the two LEDs in series? i know they have (-) and (+) wires that need to be wired, but how do i wire them? it looks as if there is only one wire connecting the 2 LEDs in the picture in the article. and how would i connect them to the 4-pin power connectors from my PSU? thanks a lot. sorry for a whole lot of simple questions
  5. looks nice dude. i like the thermal monitor, which one is it? was the window hard to do? looks good man! what u do to it, i can see the neon wires (EL Cables) and the window etch. im assuming you have an ultraviolet tube light in there? Or is it another color. also, did u add fan LEDs?
  6. does anyone know any good online stores or retail stores? and dont tell me radio shack, cuz their LEDs suck and are expensive. they dont even have the 3mm that im looking for!
  7. i just bought a blue 5mm LED at radio shack today. its just a bulb thing with 2 wires stickin out. i bought mounts for it too. but problem is..i dont know what to do with it...i dont know how to put it in my computer case, if i can, i wanna change by power indicator light. will i have to solder anything or whatever? what else can i do?
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