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  1. I was Thinking, I would Open up my Lenovo Legion Y520 Laptop, come Fall, to Add Antec Nano Diamond 6, Thermal Paste, To my Intel i7 2.8Ghz CPU. OCC to 3.2Ghz, without Over Running the Fan. Cheers. -#1 Shaggy
  2. When Laptops are Ready, for the i9, I'll bee there.
  3. I love my ROCCAT Kone Pure White Gaming Mouse. Anyone else, love ROCCAT? -Shaggster
  4. You Bestiality Red Necks, need more of those.
  5. Naruto and Bleach, BitTorrent. Newegg.com and Fed-Sex. Editors - No Harm (song). Even more Subtitles, Jim Caviziel.
  6. Anyway, I have an ASUS R7 265 GPU up Fore sale, for anyone interested. It would pair perfectly with a ASUS AMD Mobo and an 800+ PSU *w/newegg.com receipts
  7. lol, it was kadeve and lucifer dudes. you go out to LA and try to bee a Super Hero in a Movie. Go ahead and Try. I D.A.R.E. you.
  8. Shaggy styles. Made some purchases here as well as sales. Still charging the Acting Career. If that doesn't work, then Website Design. If that doesn't work, then Muy Thai Fighting. The Styles, Shaggy04 - The Classic Stoner. You have to check out my latest Build. It's "The Donatello." A TMNT Themed White PC with Custom Art.
  9. White Chocolate Fudge. It wasn't the Sapphire 7990. It was the Sapphire 7790. I hope it still runs RYSE: Son of Rome on my PC. Anime Mods vs Jew Tattoos. Lulz.
  10. I want to bee the first to play final fantasy 15 on the ps4 and twitch stream it, styley.
  11. Thanks. I didn't even think to check benchmarks. I normally go into Device Manager, and Uninstall GPU drivers, before I install a New Graphics Card. Is that the safest bet?
  12. I recently reformatted my hard drive, with my original sapphire 7990 radeon gpu. It was lightning fast with social media, whilst listening to youtube music. I had a desire to play ryse: son of rome, via steam, so I deleted the sapphire drivers, and popped in the new asus r7 265. It became relatively buggy, despite being a far better gpu. wondering if my gigabyte mobo, isn't a good pair for the asus gpu, or if it needs better aftermarket cooling, or even an extra 50 watts on the PSU.
  13. Sony Xperia Z is offering water proof androids and I think they are just bad ass. If you're not looking for water proof, then go with HTC One or an LG.
  14. Seasonic is the best. I would go Seasonic since that is what I plan on using in my next build.
  15. So, you're telling me I have to type everything in manually under the network settings.
  16. I am running 12GB of memory on my PC and it's more then sufficient enough to play anything and everything, except for maybe Witcher 3. That game on high gpu settings looks to be a demanding game. Also, keep in mind, that it's not always the amount of memory you have. Low Cas latency also improves performance. Have you tried overclocking yet?
  17. Shaggy04

    Xbox One

    The Xbox Done looks dope.
  18. If the monitor is hot, just pour some water on it, while plugged it. If it cools me down, it must cool down a monitor too.
  19. When the end of the world comes and panic run a muck. Get Bing maps pictures of explosions. Could be your stick of dynamite. Could be someone else's stick of dynamite Either way, it's a good time.
  20. I'm an older member that just got back on. Some of you might even remember me. Anyway, I have a PS4 that I am trying to connect to the internet using a guest access point. The guest internet doesn't automatically have you type in the password. It has you sign in, then go to CISCO's website to type it in. I tried connecting to it on my laptop just fine and the PS4 is another debacle altogether. Unfortunate, that I can't figure out how to manually type in the WPA or WEP key even if it doesn't look to have any security on it. Because it does have security. Tried connecting to the internet on the PS4 and then tried getting into the internet browser so I could type that key in thinking the CISCO site was going to pop up and nothing. I have to sign up for PSN first before using the internet browser. How do I get across this loop hole and onto the internet on my PS4 using this CISCO guest internet? Help is greatly appreciated.
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