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  1. Oh I'm sorry man I was confused I didn't understood that you were talking about them. Sorry for my english xD Can you tell me if the number of slots and satas is the only difference between them?
  2. Oh thanks. My english is bad so I didn't understand that stuff. You're saying the G43? None of the ones I talked a bout is called G43, what do you mean?
  3. I will only have 2 Hard Drives and one Graphic Card I so the number of slots isn't very important.. I want the most realiable one and the one better for OC.
  4. Fight Game The ASRock has more features but I think that Asus wins in quality. Overall they both have the things I need.. But i'm asking your guys opinion because I don't know much about these thinks.. wevsspot I didn't knew that Gigabyte it looks good I do like it but unfortunately it isn't available at the store :/ There's also this one a little bit cheaper: MSI Z87-G43-GAMING and this one a little bit more expensive: MSI Z87-G45-GAMING
  5. Hi everyone They are the same price. Which one I choose? ASROCK Z87 KILLER or ASUS Z87-A This is for a new PC I'm building, I already have an i5 CPU and 4GB of RAM Thanks
  6. +1, it seems to have the most pro's by you OP Fastest, Coolest, and got dem Military components But you'll be happy with any of them yeah I will get the MSI then. Will order it tomorrow xD Thank you guys very much
  7. Best cooler is MSI and is the fastest but the best warranty is Asus xD Jesus this is so hard.
  8. LOL Well I'm still not sure. 3 year warranty vs a cooler card :/
  9. I understand. So maybe I should choose MSI. Since it's cooler. It must last a little longer then the others, right?
  10. Yes but the quality of the components also count right? Jesus I really don't know what to do xD
  11. That's what I thought. But then I saw in a review that the MSI is always about 5 degrees Celsius cooler than the others. Since it's more cooler, it should last long then the others, right?
  12. Hi guys I'm having a hard time to choose one of the GTX 660 cards. I'm inclined to choose one of these: MSI GeForce GTX 660 (N660 Gaming 2GD5/OC) and Asus GeForce GTX 660 (GTX660-DC2-2GD5) I know there's also a Gigabyte one but I think this two are better, right? I saw here in the reviews that the MSI is cooler, but the Asus is a little bit faster. I know that my PC isn't good enough to take full advantage of this graphics card but I have intentions of getting some new parts (CPU, RAM and motherboard) soon. I don't care about the faster one what I care about most is the durability of the card. It has to last the maximum time possible. And sorry for my bad English xD Thanks
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