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    Dell Inspiron 9100
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    -60GB 7200rpm HDD

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    -NF7-S v2
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  1. --Nevermind, I fixed the problem!
  2. Nothing hopefully... I have a Dell laptop and it has had a ton of problems (hardware) so it wasn't even my fault. I have an Inspiron 9100 (heavy brick). Hopefully yours works out better, I bought a Dell because everybody gave their laptops good reviews, there's not much you can do about laptops just have to buy a prebuilt. Anyway, your laptop does have some nice specs!
  3. How hard is it to do what? Linux is pretty straight forward with the GUI. As long as you don't have any really funky hardware (ex: bluetooth) setting it up is simple, it finds most of the drivers automatically. You only need to use the command terminal sometimes, and using it to install programs is pretty simple. If you ever need to know what a command does you can type "man command" and it will give you a nice detailed description. The only problem is game support, but you can take an easy way out of that by subscribing to cadega http://www.transgaming.com/showthread.php?news=144 Linux is a lot more stable and secure than windows but if you want gaming you should just stick with windows, it out performs linux in most cases (as of now). If you use Linux you probably won't get any kind of a virus (if that's a problem). Linux is fun to play around with but it is more of a work environment.
  4. I don't think it's a bandwidth problem. I think I need to change the router's configuration or something? Or maybe it's just a crappy router and I should buy a better one? Even though I'd think this shouldn't happen considering most of these WiFi routers nowadays are pretty cheap.
  5. Whatever you do don't buy a Dell. I've had tons of hardware problems with mine. The Radeon 9700 is really nice though. I've heard good things about the centrinos, it depends on what you want. If you really want a gaming laptop get a "desktop replacement" aka brick with no battery life. Like my laptop which has a 3.2ghz P4 and gets like 2 hours of battery life if I'm not really doing anything. I'd suggest something in the middle and be sure not to spend too much money (unless you have extra to burn) laptops are kind of a waste (I only bought one for college).
  6. I'm using a SMC wireless router at my house. It's hooked up to a cable modem and there are usually two computers physically connected via rj-45. When I use my laptop (wireless) with another computer (non-wireless) the connection on my laptop tends to crap out from time to time. It's weird... I'll still have strong signal (full bars) and it says the laptop is connected properly however it won't load websites or anything but the other computer which is plugged in will. I was just wondering if any of you guys have had similar situations. Any suggestions? Maybe making my wireless network secure would help so it recognizes the specific laptop?
  7. Well that system restore issue sounds like a pretty lame design. I think I need to buy a better antivirus program, I was running a crappy free version of McAfee Virus Scan. Being on a college campus network sucks thanks to the 95% of guys here who look at porn all day and don't have any kind of virus protection. Then they go play madden, drink excessively, and break college property... cool people, it's like a bunch of apes.
  8. "Religion is the opiate of the masses." ...and the new pope looks like Darth Sidious
  9. What kind of problems? My solution was reinstalling windows... again! Go figure.
  10. CCCP

    Guild Wars

    Guild Wars is awesome! The beta was very high quality. With no monthly fees it is well worth the money and a good cause to support, hopefully more MMORPGs will come out without fees. There really isn't a need for them, just release an expansion pack every now and then.
  11. I have some weird virus or something that edits my registry so that my computer doesn't know what to use to open .exe and .ink extensions. I got it to recognise the .exe again and tried running system restore but it fails, I try running my registry backup but it fails. Have any of you guys heard of this problem? It messes up a ton of other file associations too... this sucks I'm not even sure how I got it.
  12. It does take a 92mm fan, I have a tornado on mine, vroom.
  13. I don't think listening to a tornado will help you sleep, they're great fans but you should have a fan controller or loud music. The high pitched voooooo will get annoying, it's not like other fan noise.
  14. Are you reading in the data using cin and storing it into a char array (ex: char num[6])?
  15. okay just checking, thanks for the info
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