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  1. thanks for the input ill look into getting it tomorrow. I got my cpu OC'd to 3.0 GHz and under load (benchmarking proggie) it was still only at 43 C after 20 mins? Should i stiill upgrade HSF?
  2. ok thanks guys i dont care about noise. So the highest cfm you ok ill take a look. (OC'd up 3.0 GHz and running at approx. 45 C under load*) (*still stock cooling though.) EDIT: Ok Its between a vantec and a thermaltake here are the specs: Vantec: (Choose VP4-C7040) http://www.vantecusa.com/product-cooling.html# Thermaltake: http://www.thermaltake.com/coolers/spark/a1545.htm
  3. what company though, Thermaltake or Vantec?
  4. ok now what about cooling because the higher you go the more heat. Since i only have stock what should i do???
  5. well the P4 celeron part was from SANDRA so im assuming its right. And by board can only handle DDR333 (PC2700) ram. Any suggestion on what kind then. (Mines Kinston laready so...)
  6. Hi all: I was wondering how far i can push my pc. Heres what i have: Intel P4 Celeron @ 2.4 GHz ASRock GE-PRO M2 MB 512 RAM (PC 2700) Detailed CPU Info: Core: Northwood128 Revision: 2 Stepping : 9 (A) Microvode : MUOF2921 Right now i only have it OC'd to 2.5 and it running at 40 C, with stock cooling. Any Suggestions. EDIT: Sorry frogot to include that im running Windows XP Pro SP2
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    From the album: Random Shots

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  8. From the album: Random Shots

    © &copy Scott Madden 2010

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