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  1. This weeks poll is an easy one, which do you use Steam or Origin? or both?
  2. Home theater for me is a receiver from the 80s (Technics is the brand the model is worn off.) and two Polk RS15 Speakers. This does me well enough for now, when i move out like many other people i will look at getting a better system. My headphones are where i have spent most of my money so far (about $1000 dollars). Headphone Amps: Maverick Audio D1, AudioGD NFB-12 Headphones: Grado RS-2i ($400) and the AKG K-240 Sextet (EP Model) The amps have USB and coax inputs on them which i feed from my PC or a standalone CD player, then to the headphones, the sextets are great for classical and pretty much anything else you throw at it. The Rs-2is are great at everything as well but they excel with rock music and are great as well as they are open back so you can hear whats going on around you.
  3. This week on OCC Poll we hav a question that was posed by dr_bowtie: Have you ever been satisfied by a pc you have built? I think its a great question, and for me only the last rig i built did i feel satisfied. Let hear what you guys think though!
  4. Are you foding under team 12772? I cannot find you on the list. NVM, you're there, and your dna strand is there too.
  5. This wek on the OCC Poll we want to know, Have the OCC reviews helped you purchase new hardware? Did that hard drive you get have a good review? Please let us know. This weeks poll suggested by paulktreg
  6. This week on OCC Poll we want to know what type of hard drive you use? Suggested by Nyt
  7. Happy New Year to all! Well with it being Jan 1st 2012 and all I figure we'll start out with this, What product(s) are you looking forward to in 2012? No actual poll as there would be to many options.
  8. Sorry guys, due to work and the holidays right now the OCC poll that was supposed to be up this week will be delayed until Jan 1st (i hope ill have it up first thing).
  9. This week at OCC Polls we are asking if you use surge protection for your PC/electronics?
  10. Hey guys and gals, this weeks poll is to see if you have entered this years Christmas contest here! If you havent entered yet head over there and submit your entry! Please note read the contest rules before submitting! Thanks
  11. Sorry about the late poll this week, but here is the poll. This time we are using an older poll again because much has changed since we last asked, and on to the question ..... How often do you reboot / restart your primary computer?
  12. This week we want to know who provides your tv services? Is it a cable company or a satellite provider? The poll will just have general choices but in your reply you can say what company you use.
  13. Well this week we are wondering what OS is your phone using? Are you blackberry user or android or maybe an iOS user? Let us know in this weeks poll
  14. With a few games being released this month we here at OCC want to know which ones are you going to play? If not one from this month which games are you currently playing? The Poll on includes a couple of the games, please reply with what you are playing if its not on the list.
  15. Hellio, this week for the OCC Poll we want to know are you using the new Google+?
  16. Another week and another poll (thats not quite a poll). This week we would like to know What do you read? how often do you read it and how do you read it? This can range from book, to tech websites to text books, anything. Here are a couple examples from Guest_Jim_* that suggested this weeks poll:
  17. Well this week we want to know if our users use a home theater PC for watching movies / TV shows? With more and more TVs having a input for a PC as well as more PCs having HDMI its making it easier to hook up your PC to a TV.
  18. For this weeks poll we would like to know what your internet speed is, we would like to know both upload and download. Personnally mine is 25 Mbps Down / 2.5 Mbps and I'm lucky enought to get pretty close to that.
  19. I think that may be because in my haste i spelt it wrong .... http://www.hasselbladusa.com/ Hasselblad not hasselbrad .... oops yet again edited in main post.
  20. @ Clay & Bishop ... Oops i knew i forgot some. I guess my hobby came throught a bit .... hasslebrad are a medium format camera and leica are popular over in japan.
  21. Well this week we want to know what brand camera you use? We all take pictures so we all need a camera, which brand do you prefer? Nikon? Canon? Another brand not mentioned? Let Us Know!
  22. I don't care what it looks like but i need something to replace the failing dns323 i have. too bad this has such a high price tag on it.
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