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  1. This week on OCC Poll we would like to know what was the last piece of hardware you replaced? This can either be due to improper operation of the hardware or due to actual hardware failure! I would like to thank sticknstone or suggesting this weeks poll. Remember if you have a poll idea send it to me and we'll see if we can use it!
  2. This week on OCC Polls we would like to know how often do you visit OCC? Is it just once every couple months to catch up on technology, or are you on OCC multiple times a day chatting with a great bunch of people? Let us know on this weeks OCC Poll!
  3. Sorry guys got to busy this weekend, so no poll this week. We will be back next week with a new poll. See you then.
  4. This week on the OCC Poll we would like to know what your PCs speaker setup is? Is it a standard 2.1 or 5.1 system? Or is it something a 4.0 system? Let us Know!
  5. Hello All! This week on OCC Poll we want to know which you prefer for your mouse and keyboard, Wired or Wireless?
  6. This week on OCC poll we would like to know what resolution do you usually game at? Is it the old 800x600 or the modern 2560x1600?
  7. This week on OCC poll we want to know what console you gamers out there are using to play games? Is it a PS3 or a XBOX360? Let us know on this weeks OCC Poll.
  8. This weeks OCC Poll is about what online map service do you use when you need directions to get to a location? Is it Google Maps, MapQuest or something Else? Let us know on this weeks OCC Poll!
  9. Hey guys, this week we want to know what do you use the cloud for? Is it file storage, music (amazon among others), applications (Google Docs), or even as simple as a website? Let us know what you use it for!
  10. This week on the OCC Poll we would like to know which size of case you prefer for your builds. Is it a Mini Tower? Or how about a Full Tower? Let us know on this weeks OCC Poll!
  11. Looks Good! Can't wait to see it after you've had a chance to clean up the wires (if you are)
  12. Tj, just a friendly reminder that we do not allow talk of piracy here on OCC.
  13. This week on OCC Poll we want to know what type of cooling do you use on your main rig? Do you use a basic Air Cooler or something like Nerms meatlocker? Let us know!
  14. Sorry for the late poll. This week we want to know what you think about Microsoft leading the take down of the Zeus botnet? Do you think that a company such as Microsoft should lead the charge? Should it be left to Governmental Agencies? Let us know what you think. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-17515647
  15. This week we have another blast from the past. We are asking again, what is your preferred Hard Drive brand? (Not SSD, thats next week)
  16. This week we are taking another look at the OCC Newsletter, and asking from "2012 - The Year in Gaming, Part Two" which of the games mentioned are you looking forward too?
  17. With how powerful and advanced today's smart TVs are, will HTPCs become obsolete?
  18. Sorry guys, it was brought to my attention that "Fully Capacitive" should be "Fully Captive" ... this has been updated.
  19. This week we have a poll based from the OCC Newsletter. What Kind of power supply do you have?
  20. neddamttocs


    edited title, please try not to post in all caps. Also it is against the rules to post about pirating software, please refrain from doing so. Thanks.
  21. Well this weeks poll has to do with social media, specifically which of the social media do you follow OverclockersClub on: Facebook Twitter YouTube OCC Newsletter OCC RSS Feed(s)
  22. Can someone post a like to the thread that sparked the question, ill thow it in the OP .... and who should i put on a multiple choice (works been killer and i cant think straight a 4:30 am)
  23. Heres kind of a fun poll this week from Guest_Jim_*: Edits: Here is th thread that spurred the question: http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.php?showtopic=190255&st=60
  24. @hardnrg ... yes it should have been multi ... updated.
  25. Well here is another revisit of an older poll, Where do you get your music? At a Store? Download it? Do you even listen to music? This is what we want to know this week on OCC Poll
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