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  1. The one you have now seems to be a pretty decent monitor. For the dual monitor setup what are the main purposes going to be? If photo/video editing i might look at something with a IPS/SIPS panel rather then a TN one. If everyday stuff, gaming and browsing i would be tempted to just get the same one. Unfortunately i have been out of the market for monitors for a while and cant give any recommendations on the IPS but usually samsung, dell and lg are the ones i would be looking at for those.
  2. Hey Guys, The OCC Polls will be on Hiatus for the rest of the summer. We will look at picking them up again in Mid to Late September! Enjoy your Summer! neddamttocs
  3. This week on OCC Poll we want to know what Tech shows you watch, the ones in the poll are a couple from youtube but there are many out there! Please let us know on OCC Poll
  4. This week on OCC Poll We are looking to see what Search Engines people use to find stuff on the internet. Do you use Google or Bing or another one? Let Us know on OCC Poll!
  5. This week on OCC Poll we are looking to see how often you reboot you main computer? Is it one a week or once a year? Let us know on OCC Poll! (Oops a bit early this week )
  6. Hey here is this weeks poll. Sorry again for being late ... forgot to press post on Sunday. How fast is your Internet! There is a poll and post a speedtest if you want! Let Us Know!
  7. Sorry about the scarce polls lately ... work has become very busy ... anyways on to the poll We want to know this week, what is your next upgrade going to be? Let us know!
  8. | Coolermaster Storm Case | Intel E8400 | Asus P5Q | 4GB of G.Skill PQ 8000 RAM | Palit 4850 512MB Sonic | Asus DVD Combo Drive | PC Power & Cooling Silencer 610 | 2x 320GB in Raid0 for OS + 750GB for data | 1x HP 24" Montior
  9. This week on OCC poll we want to know if you are going to try the SteamOS? Its currently in beta status, but seems intersting! Let us know on OCC Poll!
  10. This time round on OCC Poll we want to know: Does the color of a case affect whether you would buy it?
  11. Sorry about the late Poll this week. This week on OCC Poll we want to know if you use a UPS with any of your equipment? Let us know on OCC Poll
  12. This week on OCC Poll ... We want to know if you would use a laptop for everyday use if it were as modular as a desktop? Let us know!
  13. Hey OCC, sorry for the delay on the OCC Polls. This week we want to know what everyone thinks is the most underrated component in the PC?
  14. Continuing from last weeks question, this week we would like to know about what the last component you would choose when you are building a pc? Let us know on OCC Poll.
  15. This week on OCC poll we want to know: What is the first component you decide on when building a new computer? Let us know on OCC poll !
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