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  1. For this weeks poll we would like to know what your internet speed is, we would like to know both upload and download. Personnally mine is 25 Mbps Down / 2.5 Mbps and I'm lucky enought to get pretty close to that.
  2. neddamttocs

    What brand camera do you own?

    Well this week we want to know what brand camera you use? We all take pictures so we all need a camera, which brand do you prefer? Nikon? Canon? Another brand not mentioned? Let Us Know!
  3. neddamttocs

    What brand camera do you own?

    I think that may be because in my haste i spelt it wrong .... http://www.hasselbladusa.com/ Hasselblad not hasselbrad .... oops yet again edited in main post.
  4. neddamttocs

    What brand camera do you own?

    @ Clay & Bishop ... Oops i knew i forgot some. I guess my hobby came throught a bit .... hasslebrad are a medium format camera and leica are popular over in japan.
  5. I don't care what it looks like but i need something to replace the failing dns323 i have. too bad this has such a high price tag on it.
  6. Well, another week another poll. This week we here want to know what your favourite movie this summer was? Thor, Captain America, Harry Potter ... can be anything! Let us know how you watched it as well, did you get it on dvd or blu ray? Or did you go to the movie theater to watch it.
  7. With alot of hype around the new Star Wars game, Star Wars:The Old Republic, we here at OCC are wondering, Are you going to get it? If so are you going to try and get the collectors edition or just the regular edition?
  8. Well this week we want to know what your next big PC purchase is going to be? A new case to house everything or a CPU upgrade for that old PC that is long in the tooth?
  9. Well, this week we are wanting to know how much hard drive space you guys have in your main pc? Do you have a Laptop with 80GB or a Desktop with 2TB? Lets Find out on this weeks OCC Poll!!!
  10. neddamttocs

    XMEN First Class Blu Ray.

    Mine is doing the same thing .... i ended up watching the digital copy instead ....
  11. Well, this weeks OCC Poll is about how many monitors you have on your main PC? 1, 2, 3 or more? Let us know in this weeks poll.
  12. Well another week another poll. This week we want to know what your thoughts are about online privacy? Do you put everything online, or do you try too keep as much as possible offline? Again we have many options here so I will for go the actual 'poll' again this week, but i will put a poll up relating to privacy!
  13. neddamttocs

    What are your thoughs about online privacy?

    +1, i have some stuff on my facebook, but i also know the people Im friends with there so its not too much (privacy set at friends only)
  14. neddamttocs

    Sad times again....

    Sorry for your loss Terry.
  15. This weeks poll is a bit different as there in no poll as there are way to many options to list. So here it goes: With CES coming up in Janruary we want to know what products or companies are you looking forward to hear from? Let us know!
  16. neddamttocs

    What products/companies are you looking forward to ?

    lol @ d3, i think they might, although they are not a product of a company.
  17. neddamttocs

    Do you send in Mail in Rebates?

    This week we would like to know if there are people out there that use Mail in Rebates? I know I've tried a couple and never got them but other people have got all of theirs. So do you try to get them? ======================== This weeks OCC Poll was suggested by Deathmineral.
  18. neddamttocs

    Do you send in Mail in Rebates?

    And i just realized i put this up a day early.
  19. Well, as more and more things are going wireless we here at OCC want to know what type of wireless network you have at home? Is it A, B, G or N? Do you even have a wireless network? We would like to know that for this weeks OCC Poll.
  20. This week we want to know how OCCers start playing a game? Do you start on easy and move up from there or do you head right to the hardest setting? ==================================================== This weeks poll was suggested by Paul (aka paulktreg)
  21. With the release of Duke Nukem Forever and about a month of play time for those that have it, we would like to know your opinions of the game. Was it good, bad, or something else? We would like you to rate the game on a scale of 1 to 10 and leave any thoughts about it here!
  22. Well, this week we are asking what you use to listen to music or play game through on your system. Headset or Speakers. Of course there are other options so vote away. If you do not see an option please reply and let me know, i will add it.
  23. Well this week we would like to know you thoughts on more games going free2play. Is this a good idea or is it a bad idea? We want to know yout thoughts on the subject as well.
  24. neddamttocs

    Free2Play Games, a good idea or a Bad idea?

    @Clay, yeah i realized today that the options where black and white. I was thinking that we could get a good discussion going on the merits of F2P. I will try to have a better poll up for next week.