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  1. Here are more freaking hot Canuck chicks. Yeah, the HDD is ok. Last time, some dude just came and replaced the screen, so I figure that's all that will happen again this time. I don't have much on it.. it's just my linux box and all my backups are already on my thumb drive. I hate Dell, lol.
  2. Oh, she's definitely canadian I do have a service plan. One where they come to my house to replace it. I just don't feel like talking to someone in India who I can't understand. Especially since this is the second time this has happened to me. I don't think I have a choice but to get ahold of them though :/
  3. Well, my Inspiron 5150 has blown yet another LCD.. that makes two in one year. I want to open up my laptop to take a can of air to the inside of it, since it's starting to get a little dusty. I also want to see if the monitor cable is even fully plugged in, or I'd like to try replugging it in. At any rate, I removed all the screws to the thing, but the back end (near the screen) will not come off, even though there are no more screws to take out. Is there a way I can take the full bottom off? Here is a pic of the inspiron style The laptops about 18 months old, if that helps. Thanks for any help!
  4. Hey all, This is what's happening. Once in a while, if I am trying to benchmark or something, like 3D Mark for instance, it will completely crash my computer. I had the problem with HL2 the other day as well. My systems in my sig. I'm using the 5/10 BIOS for my board and I am using the latest nvidia official drivers. The system is not currently overclocked, as well. I did revert to the 3/10 original BIOS, but still have the problem. Sometimes the apps will work great, and then other times they will crash as soon as I enter them. I have tried hard to figure this out, but I havne't gotten anywhere. Thinking that it *could* be my memory, I tried 3-3-3-8 instead of the stock 2-2-2-8, but that didn't help anything. I'm really doubtful it's my GPU, but something else in the configuration, or something. If anyone has any ideas, I would appreciate it. Thanks a bunch!
  5. *scratches head* What's overclocking? Hehe, thanks guys.
  6. Ugh, RMA'ing's such a pain in the butt. The time.. the money. =/ I can't go that long without my desktop, so I will have to buy a new one and RMA the one I have, then keep it aside for when I feel like killing another one :/ Thanks for the help. I'm glad at least I know it's the mobo for sure.
  7. Today, I was doing some overclocking on my system. In the middle of it, I was like, "Hey, I should install a RAID". Needless to say, I got frustrated and took it back out. So then I put the system back the way it was, and then booted up. I was goofing around with my boot.ini earlier, because of reasons I won't get into, and apparently made a mistake so that it wouldn't boot into the right OS. I quickly figured out that my Keyboard was non-responsive as well. I cleared my CMOS, thinking that could be the problem, but it wasn't. Now, I put the pins back in the correct positions, and even still, when I boot up the system, I get the "CMOS checksum error - Defaults Loaded" error. At this point, it should boot up, not show this error. I tested the keyboard and mouse (MX518/MX3000) in another computer, and they worked fine. I also tried a corded Keyboard, and that still didn't work. Soo.. does this sound like I fried my motherboard? Thanks for any help!
  8. Cool, thanks for all the help guys! That eXactPad seems to be really good. I've been recommended it by people off this forum too. Although the IcePad looks awesome too. But playing a game with a Trackball mouse.. wtf? Thanks again!
  9. I'm looking for a decent mousepad to get, but don't want a cheap one. I don't game *that* much lately, but I would still love a smooth surface. When I do game, a lot of mouse is required, and I always use a lot of photoshop and such. Any help would be appreciated! Having so many recommendations, and that's making it hard to decide Thanks!
  10. The other day, I created a new partition on my second hard drive [200GB]. It was a 20GB NTFS partition, and the other would be a 180GB NTFS. It did what it had to do, then I reboot. Now when I open up PartitionMagic again, it says "Init Failed: Error 100. Partition Table is Bad". The program will not open at *all*, so I can not get in there to fix anything. What should I do at this point? Does the entire drive need to be formatted in order to reclaim the space? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  11. [Edit] Woop taken care of. I forgot to Bridge the two NIC cards! I feel like an idiot, but at least it's fixed. Thanks anyways! Alright, here's the story. We have a Router in our house, that three computers are plugged into. Now, in order for my laptop to have the internet access, I have an extra NIC installed in my Desktop, which runs to my laptop, therefore, internet! Well, last week I moved all my desktop computer parts into a new tower. This shouldn't have affected anything. I got everything back up and running, and lo and behold, no internet on my lappy! Here's a picture of what my network between my Desktop and Laptop look like: The LAC4 is the NIC that connects directly to my Laptop. The Mobo NIC is connected to the hub. As you notice, the LAC4 is giving a defunked no Connectivity error. I have tried *everything* to get this stuff back working, and I just can't do it. *mutters that he may have ipconfig /flushdns once* Here are the specs to the LAC4 connection: Now, I mean it... I have tried everything I personally know how, to get this thing working, but it refuses to. Someone told me I may need to give my Laptop a specified IP, but how would I know which to give it? I have run Home Networking Setup over and over, enabled ICS on all cards time and time again, but this just will not work :| If you can help me out with this at all, I will be truly grateful Thanks
  12. This is what I get when I do ipconfig /all. Mobo NIC is the one that connects to the Hub. I tried changing the NIC that connects to the lapper, to, but then that screwed things up a little more. I changed my hubs address to something other than, but it still didn't work. Very confused.. feel like just reformating :| I didn't even change anything while switching to a new case, it's even in the same PCI slot.. so no idea why it would do this all of a sudden. Course, I did do an ipconfig /flushdns the other day to get a game working, that probably did it :| Thanks for the help
  13. Ok, here's the story. Through our network hub, we have three computers hooked to it. I have a NIC installed in my desktop, and then I run a network cable from my laptop, to that NIC. I have never had a problem getting the internet to work on both computers. Basically, the Lapper used the internet through my desktop. Well, yesterday I transferred all my comps components over to a new tower. Everythings back up and running, but now, the internet will NOT work through my laptop. It's set up the way it always was, but now it will not use the internet. On my laptop, here's the Net Connections: Local Area Connection: 100MBp/s 1394 Connection: 400MBp/s So I can connect to my desktop, it's just I can't use the internet. I have run Home Network set up many times, to no avail. Now, on my desktop, here it what my NIC card that I use to connect to the laptop says: Local Area Connection 3: Limited or no connectivity. It says it's connected at 100MBp/s. I have gone into that NIC's settings, and made sure that the "Allow other computers to connect to the internet via this computer" was checked. The error I get is: An error occurred while Internet Connection Sharing was being enabled. ICS cannot be enabled due to an IP address conflict on the network. ICS requires the host to be confugured to use Please ensure that.. I have no idea why it thinks a computer is set up for, because they are all set to obtain those settings automatically. Anyways, this is confusing me, and I just can't figure it out. I feel like such a noob :| Any help that you can provide will be most appreciated. Sorry if I left out details.
  14. LoL. I would if I had that much time on my hands! Hehe, *sigh*
  15. Thanks for all the replies guys, I really appreciate it. I wish IPB were still free, I would use it in a heartbeat. However, if I were to buy it, paying $30 more for Vbulletin sounds like it would make sense. By the looks of things, Vbulletin seems to have more features, and seems to be a little more secure. A popular online modding forum recently got hacked, and they were using IPB, so I am kind of shrugging away from those. Will have to look at Vbulletin and see if they have a free trial. It seems all the free good message boards, once they have enough features, go commercial. Hopefully phpBB stays free, hehe.
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