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    Help needed ive just brought 2x 200g SATA hard drives and when trying to load windows it is only telling me i have 130g any ideas why, Wes
  2. sorry was looking at the wrong thing,
  3. the only problem with this board is it isnt nforce 3 chipset? is it worth buying the nforce chipset?
  4. thanks i think i will go for the $134.99 one
  5. thanks for your help, i take it the gigabyte board ir ASUS is no good then?
  6. where is a good place to buy the MSI Neo board, and how much is it,?
  7. i have the AMD 754 3400 + with 1.5g of DDR 400 memory, and 8 fans i want to be able to want it a great board for games as i have just brought a ASUS V9999 256mb geforce 6800 graphics card. Wes
  8. Hello All, New on here so bear with me, Im looking at upgrading my motherboard from a lex to either a gigabyte GA K8NSNXP nforce3 of Asus K8N-E nforce 3 could anyone recommed a good board as i do a lot of online games. Many Thanks Wez
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