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    Intel Core i5 760
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  1. You could use serious samurize for your screen (Google it) that program can display basically anything you want from system specs/temps/voltages etc to visualizations from winamp and it's 100% customizeable If you can take the time to find my thread over at ocn you will see my screen I have on my haf x Have fun, keep Modding :-P
  2. Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent mod, done it myself to my haf x and very happy with it :-D
  3. Quick update, got the noctua nh-d14 and that has brought temps down to around 70c full load and I'm stable at 4ghz so I'm very happy : -D Also got a haf x I'm picking up Saturday so that should also help temps Thanks guys
  4. Cooler master storm scout and corsair a50 Both in brand new condition apart from the scout has a switch at the top on I/o panel to turn on/off the included ccfl's and 2 power sockets which I will include a lead for which gives you an external molex and I have molex to sata adapter so you can power external sata hard drives. There is 1 small scratch from removing top bezel wrong. Original boxes included Reasonable UK offers only please Will post cheaply or collection from Kent area If you need more info or pictures just ask.
  5. Already read through a load of guides, I think this setting is mobo specific.....
  6. Yeh some sort of feature in the bios, would love to know more about it........ Thanks for your reply :-)
  7. Ok its been quite some time since I had a desktop and even longer since I last overclocked (last time was a p4 3.0 at 3.8, socket 478! lol) and im finally back in the game with my new rig (check sig) Question is that im unsure of my settings, im overclocking to 4.0 but only way I get stable with 4.0 and memory at 1600 is to have the memory performance enhance setting on turbo but it says if overclocking, that could become unstable and recommends standard setting. Am I safe using these settings? What are the real world differences with these settings? Also atm I have a corsair A50 cooler and when running prime or occt im getting temps of just over 80! Is that really bad? Thinking of getting a Noctua NH-D14, should I? Also although the temps say 80 in realtemp and occt etc it actually says 10c less in the gigabyte easytune utility, which should I believe? Thanks in advance
  8. Any idea how much difference it could make in my msi fx600?? i5 520m, soon to be 8gb ram but only 4gb atm Cant seem to find any info on the motherboard in this laptop :-(
  9. How can you afford 3 intel ssd's?? :-O I can barely afford one!! :-O
  10. Basically which one is better and why? The Samsung PB22-J SSD or the Seagate Momentus XT?
  11. I may be able to get a Samsung PB22-J 128gb cheap. would this be a better choice to the momentus xt?
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