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  1. I have a k7 t266 mobo 256 ddr Ram 1800+ xp AMD chip RPC-1 VM-3100 pro soundcard WINDOWS XP Seagate 20g SCSI Drive(10,000rpm) Western Digital 40g 7200 Quantum Fireball 40g 7200 Gforce 32 videocard ------------------------ I installed XP and did all the tweaks as advised by Steinberg (the computer is 100% audio computer for a recording studio) after doing the tweaks, it booted a couple of times with no problems.. then, after doing some serious work (25+ audio Tracks), I reboot with an error: Virtual Memory Low.. The system paging file is set too low or there is not enough space. There is plenty of space on that drive.. I adjusted the numbers a bunch of times, no avail... does anyone know how to fix this? The computer seems to run fine but I am worried since audio is very ram dependent.. I am going to try to install the updates (i
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