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  1. i am suprised it took 2 boards before you started to hate them
  2. my bored witout the bios would only do 227 without mods. this bios will help you with fsb so if your at the peek of your chip mhz if you have an unlocked chip go down with your multi and up with your fsb to get more bandwidth out of your memory. i chose the 2nd link down from the top edc 4227 18 .bin .zip
  3. has the bios been updated recently
  4. this may be old news here but i figured i would post anyways just incased24 bios i downloaded the 4227 bin and with stock cooling and an unmodded nf7-s stock cooling nothing special i couldnt run my ram in sync but here you go my fsb
  5. here are 2 things about the new nf7-s2 also doesnt have support for multi adjusments and there isnt anything below cas 2.5 for the ram click here if this cant be posted here please remove read 2nd post
  6. in my quest for unlocked durons i came accross 3 0403's 2 were locked and 1 was unlocked all the same week all the same steping all within 8 chips of each other when being made. this is for one of the locked durons pics are of the chip for sale temps are to high to go any more but i know it will do it these temps are with a sk7 nothing special and the white goop that the hsf came with. with a better hsf temps would be way lower i am asking 55usd shipped sorry if the price is high but i am buying them localy sorry i fogot to mention that the top line in the gray box is vcore
  7. very power hungry i am having problem with a sparkle psu in mine now that i have a chip that does more the 2.5 ghz the 12v line from the monitors say that i have around 11.37-11.43v wile its at 2.6ghz and only with 1.82 vcore i would say they need at least a good name brand 400watt or more psu as far as the under volting of the cpu and stuff i have heard it both ways that it does and doesnt undervolt
  8. it is stable enough for me it ran prime for about 2 hours and had no problem at 2600 then i shut it off
  9. 1800+ retail from newegg 0334 niucb wpmw dlt3c runs prime 95 stable for a few hours at 2600mhz then i shut it off at 2645 i get reboots even with a pelt so i think i am at my psu limits, my 12v line gets kinda low not bad for a 56 dollar chip
  10. my 0319 1700+ goes from 1470 to 2525 over 1gig overclock and remember high end air cooling is just as good as water but water isnt as loud
  11. my 1700 goes farther then my 2100 did at stock volts 1.5 for the 1700 got me 2200mhz+ and 1.6 for the 2100 got me just below the 2200 mark i have had 2 1700's and 1 2100 and the best one is my 0319 wpmw 1700+ it goes farther and runs the same temp as my 2100 at a lower voltage. anyways if you can get one of these 0319 wpmw's they arnt pushed as hard as the 2100's are to reach the same mhz as far as you psu if it is a good psu it should work just find if it is generic i would reccomend a better one but try it after you get your new stuff you never know. and a little info on the newer 1700's they seam to draw alot of power from the 12v side (weird) with my 2100 my 12v side was above 12v with the 1700 its 11.49 @ 2550mhz on a nf7-s 2.0 if you dont have a board already and you looking to spend around 100 dollars i would recomend the nf7 line of boards lots of overclocking lots of voltage without mods to the board. as far as the north bridge cooler on my nf7-s i have the stock cooler and it does fine for me 227 mhz fsb before i have any problems i have seen people taking these boards to 250 fsb but i am not as cool as those people my .02 have fun
  12. chips ive owned tbred b's all on water 0310 wpmw dlt3c 1700+ 2434stable 2475max 2500 on icewater 0307 ???? dut3c 2100+ 2500stable 2550max 2600+ on icewater 0319 wpmw dlt3c 1700+ 2525 stable 2610max not sure one ice water
  13. all i can say is my nf7-s has not died and i love it
  14. plug it in it a extra 2 12v lines i have to use mine if i dont my 12v rail is .2v lower without it and my atx connector 12v line almost starts to melt (not really but really hot) if you have it use it
  15. great voltages without mods nf7-s 2.0 $109 nf7 non s $89 i have a nf7-s 2.0 the only board i liked better was my kr7a-133r but its kinda out of date now
  16. i use lacquer thinner on mine but as far as the tim i would rather use grease. the grease isnt as hard to get off as a tim eaither and if you overclock you would be better off with some artic silver ceramiq i use it all the time and it is just as good as as3 if not better and its cheeper. the shim i would stay away from also if your going to overclock if not its alittle more protection but that would be the only way i would use it
  17. if you go tbred b i got a 1700+ 0319 overclocked 1055 mhz @ 1.95vcore 12.5x202 crunching seti 24/7
  18. you can get a 0319 1700+ last time i checked @ gameve for $60 and from what i have heard they have been doing great mine is @ 12.5x202 @1.95v right now but on water temps sit between 44-52 depending on how hot it is just went and checked looks like they might be out of stock
  19. just overclock it to 2800 speeds insted of buying a 2800 if i owend a 2600 i would see how far it would go if your already at the farthest it will go a 2800 might not get you any farther if you have a good chip now and you buy another it might not even go as far as the one you have now my .02
  20. well sorry to here that but even if you did get a retail it wasnt amd's fault and shouldnt have to give you a new one it wasnt their fault that you powered it up without a hsf even if you didnt know it wasnt attched
  21. i chose the nf7-s 2.0 for the simple facts i have seen more problems with the asus and epox boards compaired with a 2.0 version of the nf7 (look around these fourms) it has sound storm ( i know the asus lost it not sure about epox) it has high voltages without doing mods at the time i seen more nf7's going 230+ fsb then asus or epox it uses the square plug for an extra 12v line great bios features and if you flash to 1.4 beta bios you have the option to go to a fsb of 300mhz i have seen 250 so it might be woth it soon and i see more nf7's going 2500mhz easy (appling flame retardent) i didnt say the the asus boards wont do most of the listed but it is how easy that the nf7 2.0 will do it im not sure about the epox and asus boards but i know that my abit also has 3 phase power i have seen that the asus is faster then the nf7 mhz for mhz but it wasnt worth modding my board to get more then 1.85 vcore and i dont see many asus boards getting to 2500 mhz (not saying they wont go there though) my .02 i still think the kr7a kills all 2500 @2.0v 2100+ stable no mods plus this thred was list 3 best abit mobos nf7s kr7a133r kr7a
  22. add another vote from me i also think after the break-in it beets as3 i seen a 5c+ drop after it broke it on a tbred a @1925 with a v7+
  23. i am the proud owner of one if you want a board that needs no mods to get high fsb's or voltages the nf7 2.0 imo is the best. look in sig. to see specs. it may not be the fastest at stock speeds but i bet that it can get a higher overclock by a long way and make up way more then the little bit that it lags behind the auido is the soundstorm auido but only on the nf7-s
  24. i thought the 9100 were 8500 le's because people are flashing there 8500 le's with the 9100 bios
  25. something i notice in the hot hardware review was that the ati cards were taking a bigger hit with all the eye candy witch all the reviews i have seen before this shows that with it all turned on the 9700 barely took a hit and the 5800 took a big hit. seems fishy that the 5800 can all of a sudden beat the 9700 this also could apply to the 9800 and the 5900 extremtech i would say was a little more acruate it was a give and take compairason it also contradicts hot hardware and shows in some tests one card was fater then the other my .02
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