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    RIP 1981-2009
  • Birthday 03/25/1981


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    Intel E7400 E0 @ 4.0ghz (400x10, 1.375v)
    Lapped ThermalRight Ultra-120 Extreme w/ Yate Loon D12SM
    G.Skill Pi 2x2GB DDR2-900 4-4-4-12-2T @ 2.1v
    Gigabyte X48-DQ6 Motherboard (F7b BIOS)
    2x Palit HD4850 Sonic (685/1000)
    PC Power & Cooling 750W Silencer
    160GB Hitachi SATA
    Samsung 500GB SATA
    Pioneer DVR-111D DVD-RW
    Thermaltake Armor Case
    Zalman ZM-MFC1 6-Channel Controller
    Dell S2409W 24" 16:9 LCD

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    Holt, MI
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    Computers: (dur!)<br />Guitars: Fender Squire Strat (fully modded to Seymour Duncan electronics)<br />---Gibson Explorer '96 (Heritage Cherry)<br />---Epiphone Les Paul Standard (Black)<br />---Fender Acoustic/Electric<br />---Line6 Flextone II XL (2x12 100w Stereo, All Digital)<br />Music: Almost anything (I lean toward progressive stuff, don't care for pop-country crap, and I don't like classical, but I can appreciate it)<br />Cars: Turbocharged Feats Of Engineering, Not Gas-Guzzling Land-Barges

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