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    I Am Learningning!

    ....mother of god....
  2. DasUberman20

    Socket 939 Vs 940

    On the topic of 939 vs. 940, i was going to upgrade my mainboard and CPU this summer to a 3500+ Venice core w/ S939 mainboard, but one of my buddies said to wait it out until there are more 940 boards available that can support more S940 CPUs.. He said an Opteron should be my next upgrade... i currently sport a S754 Athlon 64 3400+ Clawhammer. Its already fast enough.. it keeps me satisfied... but eventually im going to want to upgrade to something better.. any recommedations?
  3. DasUberman20

    Lawsuit Filed Against God

    ....suing God.. ... now ive seen it all.
  4. DasUberman20

    Samsung 930b Lcd 19"

    We sell that model over at Best Buy. I work in the computer department, and in my opinion, its the best LCD we carry for computers... size taken into account too. Good choice.
  5. DasUberman20

    Its Freaking Driving Me Crazy!

    Try running the software on someone elses computer... maybe the software is corrupted somehow...if its not the software, then youll have to do a clean format of the harddrive... if THAT doesnt work, then wrap the computer up in some toilet paper, hang it out of a 13-storey building, and at the stroke of noon give it the 21 gun salute...
  6. DasUberman20

    Hit A Snag...

    Came across this site ... http://forums.extremeoverclocking.com/show...ad.php?t=107925 I have the AMD64 3400+ Clawhammer.. didnt realize how crappy it really was until after I referenced this chart... 1) cant really o/c it 2) stuck with single channel, though my memory supports dual channel 3) I supposedly got 'horrific' memory controllers with mine 4) ...and to top it off, i got the dreaded C0 rev. instead of the CG rev. (this translates into more difficult overclocking among other things) ...my next upgrade will be to a 939 board (ASUS A8V Deluxe) with the AMD64 3500+ Venice core. Its amazing how much research you accomplish when youre determined to find something.... Im sticking with AGP for the time being.. my X800Pro isnt going anywhere anytime soon... B:) ...however my CPU is beginning to make me wonder...
  7. DasUberman20

    Hit A Snag...

    So i guess i cant o/c any further than this: (stock 200MHz) ... 218MHz w/ 11x multiplier... Vcore @ 1.525V ..untouched ...this puts me at around 2398MHz ... not very impressive.. a 2.2GHz 3400+ only clockable to 2.4GHz??? <_< I have a ThermalTake fan that spins a maximum of 5500RPM, so cooling is not an issue... especially at this speed... POST completes, but i get a blue screen with alot of 'DOS-like' text referencing errors on the disk and whatnot... Windows will not boot up... ...suggestions please...
  8. DasUberman20

    Hit A Snag...

    why is that an issue.. what does that do...
  9. DasUberman20

    Hit A Snag...

    k, i identified that in the bios... do I adjust anything else? ... i dont want to fugg up my processor...
  10. DasUberman20

    Hit A Snag...

    HT i assume is the multiplier then?
  11. DasUberman20

    Overclocking An X800 Pro

    What effect will increasing these two attributes have on the performance? ... what are they and how far can i take them...? .. right now, im at 530/505 from 475/450 stock and no problems... any suggestions or recommendations?
  12. DasUberman20

    Overclocking Amd64 3400+

    alright... stock is 2210MHz... right now, im at 2277.0MHz with a 11x multiplier and FSB at 207MHz HTT. I can overclock anywhere between 200 and 300MHz. VCore is currently increased to 1.575. Ive searched google for info on this, and havent much light shed on the situation... anyone here want enlighten me? How far until 'something bad' happens?
  13. ..not sure why its doing this.. when i restart the computer, the monitor just turns off for like a second and a half then turns back on again, like its resetting itself.. this cant be good for the mechanics.. its a huge 21" so to see the sucker turn off then on again so fast CANT be good... it never does this, just today it started doing it... My card is an ATI X800 Pro.... Catalyst 5.5. any suggestions?
  14. DasUberman20

    Overclocking Amd64 3400+

    ...how do I determine a stable overclock? are there tests to perform, or simply by observation?
  15. Ive never flashed the BIOS before, and after searching the forums that relate to this topic, I didnt find much direction... Can someone explain to me, in general, HOW you update the BIOS once youve downloaded the file.... i dont want to screw it up... BTW..the size of the file was 512k ... I assume that I would save this file to a floppy and then reboot off the floppy ? ... I understand that youre NEVER supposed to update the BIOS in Windows after reading these forums....
  16. DasUberman20

    Moh:pacific Assault Enemy Tactics/ai

    Is there a NEWER patch other than the only one I know of for this game that enables the AI to be killed from one shot of a bolt action rifle... instead of 2 or 3? .. only because, well, im sure back in 1941 in the Pacific the Japs werent wearing $500 Kevlar vests or 1/4" steel mesh armour over their torso...soooo.. why does it take soo many shots to make a kill? ...its kinda frustrating too when i have the crosshair DIRECTLY on their forehead and when i shoot them DIRECTLY on the head they start charging me with their bayonets and end up killing me while im taking the full 8 seconds to reload my SINGLE shot rifle..... i love the game... great graphics and gameplay... but the AI kills and reaction TO BEING shot at needs SERIOUS improvement.... Comments? .... recommendations? ... apple pie?...
  17. ok...heres the deal... somehow...someway... i turned on my computer this morning and i was introduced to the horror that is the theme of Windows 95... dont ask me how.. i have no idea... we all know the feeling... well.. i got that feeling this morning.. and it sent a shiver up my spine... the grey, sharp borders... the drab and simple appearance.. i cannot get Windows XP theme back to SAVE MY LIFE! ... the Luna file and visual theme files are intact.. everything in the C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes folder is there, nothing is missing. When i go to select a different visual style from the 'Appearance' tab in 'Properties', all i get is 'Windows Classic style'. There is no 'Windows XP style' there at all. Likewise, under the 'Themes' tab, there is no Windows XP theme available. Again i say, all the files in the aforementioned folder are intact, the theme service is running, and i DID NOT touch ANYHING in the registry. HOWEVER.. under the Start>Control Panel>System>Advanced>Perfomance Settings tab, the very last option, 'Use visual styles on windows and buttons' is always DESELECTED once i SELECT it and close out of the window. I dont know why it does that, but it does... .. sooo.. ive spent a good part of my ONLY day off work trying to get this problem solved.. if anyone can give me some advice, id appreciate it. more than you know....
  18. DasUberman20

    Windows Xp Theme Stuck On Classic View!...

    no viruses or spyware.. i do thorough sweeps once a week. SAV 9.0.3 and Webroot Spysweeper ... all latest updates and definitions.
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    Ms Bluetooth Keyboard Problems

    ....thats Dell for ya... <_< ...my buddy got a Dell a year and a half ago and has had more problems with it than you can shake a stick at, but he swears by it... why did u go with Dell and not HP or eMachines? im just curious....
  20. DasUberman20

    Hello N00bs!

    Hey everyone!...new n00b here and just want to say hi to all of the other n00 n00bs!